Sunday, June 10, 2012

The New Bathroom

We have finally finished the new bathroom in the basement. With Grandma using one of the downstairs baths, that left all 5 kids using the other one--which actually meant the 3 youngest using MY bathroom. We borrowed some space from the store room and created the new bath adjoining the bedroom at the bottom of the stairs. While all of the company last week was not a factor in adding the bathroom, it certainly provided a timely deadline to get in completed. The plumbers left literally minutes before the Parker visitors arrived. While it is still not complete cosmetically, it was all functional.

 Back in early April, we began. We cleared out the area of the storeroom that previously contained all of our Christmas junk. We laid out the bathroom then cut out the concrete.
 To tie into the sewer pipes, we ended up cutting through the entire storeroom to an existing bathroom just through the wall.
There was lots of concrete cutting and dirt digging, not to mention the moving of our entire storeroom out into the family room. Jackson, Jebb, and Chuey hop into the trench to give size perspective.

After the plumbing rough in, we closed the opening to the bathroom from the storeroom side, and added a pocket door on the bedroom side.
The Storeroom where once an opening was
The pocket door where once the bedroom wall was

By the end of April, we were roughing in the shower. 
After this point in the construction I didn't really take many pictures of the progress.  This was because by the end of April, I was ready to be done constructing.  I learned once again that I am the impatient sort.  I also learned that there wasn't a darn thing I could do about it except hope progress would be made, however slowly.  I really need to learn how to be a do-it-myselfer because I have a hard time being on each subcontractor's schedule, or lack thereof.  

May came and went.  Tile was applied.   Vanities, toilets, and fixtures were ordered.  And then it was June.   Still no vanity installed.  No fixtures attached.  No permanent lights shining. No drywall painted.  No medicine cabinet hung.

Thank goodness for the 70 people and the concrete deadline they created, or I don't know that we would be done even now.  Luckily, the plumber (who was pushing all of the other subs to finish) had pity on me, and it all came together at the 11th hour.

So here are the pictures of the (almost) finished product.   It is a small bathroom, but I obviously tried to cram as many obnoxious shiny items in as possible.  I guess I am into shiny in my taste lately.  Hmm.

Looking thru the door to the left 
Looking thru the door to the right

So ya, obviously it is a smallish bathroom, but functional none the less.

Here's a little collage of some of the highlights.  I love the mirrored vanity, the shiny diamond tiles in the floor, and although it is hard to tell, I actually painted metallic stripes on the walls.  No, I don't know what came over me either.   What's with all the shiny?  I must have thought subliminally that shiny makes a room seem bigger.  As do vertical stripes.  And diamond shapes.   Or whatever. 
So there it is.  Our new bathroom in the basement.  I am hoping the shiny, reflectiveness of it all will encourage you to come and spend some time in our basement.  Or at least at our home, with easy access to the guest room that now contains the shiny bathroom.  Elise is chomping at the bit to move in and claim it all as her own, but I let her know she'd have to show me that she can be tidy first.  I hate to admit it, but I don't think she'll be moving in anytime soon.