Thursday, June 14, 2012

As If It Were June 8th Too

Jebb is now 7 years old!  That's right, he just had a birthday!  Unfortunately for him, we had a house full of people on June 8th, so his birthday got bumped to this week.  He is under the impression that he is super lucky to be able to spread out the celebrating over many days, and we aren't about to disagree.  He is also excited that he got to share a Birthday cake with Grandma Kristine who actually is having a birthday today (although she is denying it and we won't tell how old she is).  They worked together to blow out the candles.

After playing with all of the visitors, special dinner on Sunday, bowling on Monday, swimming in the pond on Tuesday, opening presents on Wednesday, and now blowing out the candles with Grandma today after a pizza party, maybe the whole 'Birthday Week' hasn't been too bad after all.
Early on June 8th, I let the boys watch
cartoons in my room. Yes, this might be the only
pic I got of Jebb on his actual birthday...

Beating dad at air hockey!

Bowling with Kooper and Jackson
Happy Birthday Jebb and Grandma!

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