Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Seth's Life Presentation

At the end of 8th grade, it is traditional for all of the students to give a "Life Presentation" where they share what they have learned and how they have grown passing through the Middle School experience.  This morning Seth was able to share a power point presentation that he made.  If I figure out how, I will try to post it so G&G Ross will be able to see it.   His teachers all had really nice things to say about him and said he is a leader, even if he resists that role.  

Seth has really grown up a lot over these last 3 years and I am proud of the person that he is.  While he still has a lot of that energy that so defines the middle school years, he is maturing into a great young man.  I love you Seth!  Good luck in High School! :)

The first computer couldn't read his file,
So we went home and fixed it

Seth gives his "Life Presentation" 

Receiving an Eagle pin from Mr. Skinner

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I am a Proud Parent!

Today was one of those fun ones as a parent.  This afternoon I had the pleasure of attending 2 different recitals where I got to see my 3 youngest children perform.  Fortunately they were both up at the college in buildings right next to each other.  

First, we went to a recital put together by several local music teachers.  There were kids that played guitar, violin, and piano.  Jackson and Jebb got to perform a duet titled "Blue Bird."  I thought it was GREAT! I love how Jackson kinda pauses in one spot so they will stay in sync.  I have heard that number practiced about a zillion times this week, and I was so glad they were able to play it so well!

Next door, in the big concert hall, Elise had her end-of-year recital for dance.  We had to leave the other recital a little early to make it, but we met up with the big boys (Gabe and Seth) and watched Elise dance.  Elise has been doing a LOT of dance this whole year and although she has participated in a few competitions and a ballet performance, this was the real culminating even for all of her work.  You aren't allowed to take pictures at the performance, so I am putting in these class pictures instead.
She did a really great job also!  It was fun to see her smile and perform with many of her friends.  I don't know that she will dance much next year, as she will be able to play sports in school and both things happen in the after-school hours.

It was such a pleasure to see the kids doing things they enjoyed and doing a good job at it! :)  What a great way to spend Sunday afternoon!