Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tithing for Jackson

Today we got to church and were sitting in our row when Jackson asked me if he could borrow a pen. I looked over to see that he was filling out a tithing receipt. Having just gone through Tithing Settlement I knew he didn't owe anything and thought he must just want to fill out a slip.

"Jackson, you don't owe any tithing."

"Ya mom, I owe tithing on the $5 dollars I got this week."

"Where did you get $5? Did Grandma give you more money?"

"No, Mom. I earned $5 from selling a bunch of my stuff at school. I was broke."

Uh, I had nothing to say because my brain was wondering: 1-What did he sell? 2-Did he sell anything valuable for under $5?

Just then the meeting started and I figured we would talk about it later.

"Jackson, just bring the slip home and we will figure it out together."

He insisted on filling in his name, then stuck it away in his scripture case.

That kid! :)


Nicole said...

Can't wait for the part II of this story. I must know what that dude sold for $5! Love that kid!

Lucy said...

So funny. I wonder what he sold and which kid had $5 to spend!!