Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

I ditched church today. Well, I went to Sacrament meeting, but then I was perfectly content to be the one to take Grandma Kristine home! I needed a nap and I couldn't wait to get home and close my eyes! :)

Last night we had our traditional New Year's Party. It's weird because every year (this one especially) we go back and forth on having it, but every year we do. With Grandma staying at our house and John traveling out of town last week, I let the stress get the better of me and was feeling a little under the weather. Yesterday morning we were literally wondering if we should go ahead and have the party.

We had already gotten out the fireworks, and bought a bunch of food, so of course, we decided to do it! I know it is obnoxious to be so last minute, but that is just how we had to roll this week with everything going on. There was a pleasant coincidence with a family we know (the ones we spent Christmas Eve with). Tammy is from my home town and her family was all in town for the baptism of her son, so I got to invite some old HS friends over too. I was so glad they could come.

There was a bit of a mishap with the fireworks. I happily call it a mishap, because it had the makings of a Greek tragedy (OK, maybe that is overstating it just a smidge). But it certainly could have been really bad. Seth and Hank were in charge of fireworks this year and when loading the launcher, one of the fireworks must have been loaded backwards, and failed to launch. It instead exploded in the launcher, igniting a whole bunch of other fireworks. I was watching from the upstairs window and my heart instantly about to pop out of my chest. Everyone ran inside and Seth and Hank took off as well. Gladly, everyone was OK, and it ended up being only an exciting, bright, loud explosion. Ugg.

Other than that, it was our typical night, food at 7, piƱata at 8, fireworks at 9, then we were ready to ring in the East Coast New Year at 10PM! During the night I paused and looked around and felt really grateful for the many good people we have in our lives.

This year we did something similar to last year, in that we let the teenagers stay up until the actual New Year! ;) I know, we are CRAZY, right? They played dancing games on the wii and snacked on some food until midnight drew near. One of the kids here is a gal we adore, Mikayla. She is actually a New Year's baby, so we sang Happy Birthday to her just after midnight. I also tried something new this year by having them do Wish Lanterns.

You write your wish, light the lantern, then watch it float away into the New Year (Elise wished for a hedgehog). It had been windy all day and I thought we wouldn't be able to do it, but luckily, it calmed down just in time.

I think the kids liked setting them off. They were sure beautiful!

So goodbye to 2011, hello 2012! I hope you're a good one! :)

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