Monday, January 2, 2012

Boys are Weird

Tonight Gabe, Seth, and our neighbor Jared went down to the pond to have a Roman Candle fight. It's just as dangerous as it sounds. Boys lighting, then shooting, Roman candles as one another. For fun!(??)!

I am at least able to say that they took some safety precautions. They wore their helmets and goggles that they use for paint balling. But do I need to state the obvious, that paint balls are not ON FIRE or EXPLODING?!

From the house, it looked like a lost scene from Harry Potter, where wizards shot spells at one another on the frozen lake. There were plenty of loud bangs and bright, flying fireballs. I would occasionally open the window to listen for cries of pain, only to hear jubilant laughter. John went down to check on them after a while (thank goodness!) He returned to tell me that it was likely all of the fish we put in the pond this fall would now be dead. I guess the boys didn't know we had restocked it and they took great pleasure in throwing fireworks into a hole in the ice. Actually, they first BLEW a hole in the ice, then dropped said firecrackers into the water. I'll admit that it is fascinating to watch the fuses burn underwater, then blow up. Sadly, I don't think the fish enjoy it as much as we do.

After it was all over, Gabe and Seth came up to the house to clean up and get to bed. I could't help but notice that they both walked around with enormous grins, and Seth would just spontaneously crack up now and then. After griping to him about the holes melted into his new track pants, I asked him how it was. He answered without hesitation that this had to be the funnest night of his life.

I just don't get it! Pants melting, welts appearing, hair almost burning, and it's the best night ever? Really? Boys are so weird!

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meegz said...

Sounds like Garrett when he came home from the shooting range last month -- thrilled to pieces! Weird...I agree.:)