Monday, December 31, 2012

Seth's Wild Ride Home

Seth gave me a scare to end the year on.  He went skiing with a couple of friends, Kanyon and Isaiah. They are both really nice, responsible young men.  On their way home, the roads had gotten quite icy.  They slowed down as they drove, but hit a stretch of black ice.  

The truck rolled completely before landing on it's wheels.  

Miraculously all of the boys were fine. They were all wearing their seat belts, thankfully. There were a couple of bruises and scratches from boots and skis tumbling loose in the cab. But other than that, they all stepped out of the truck, called their parents, and stared at the wrecked truck while they waited for help to arrive.  

John went up right away and said that the road where they rolled was so smooth and icy that he could glide from one side to the other effortlessly.  

These are the moments when you offer a Prayer of Thanks to God for watching over your baby.  It shook Seth up a little bit and hopefully gave him some respect for the weather as he is getting ready to get his own driver's permit.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bat Houses

Gabe has been working on his Eagle Project. He is building Bat Houses to install along the River Trail.  The City asked him to do this when he inquired about how he might contribute to our community.  Originally, Gabe and his troop were going to install houses made by troubled teens.  Once there were enough houses, and if the teens behaved well, they would all work together to attach them to trees along the river.  Gabe started out strong, meeting with the city, making his contacts, but the project has stalled out.  Now amount of nagging seemed to motivate Gabe this summer.  And the troubled teens are apparently more troubled than we thought, because none of them was able to earn the privledge to install the houses.  So we are going back to square one.  And I have to say, it is slow going...

But tonight a few folks came over and we were able to make some really good progress!
Cutting the boards to the proper length

Stapling in the mesh for the bats to cling to

Closing up the box
Important matters discussed

Finishing touches

Ready for paint

A few girls helped too-they want Gabe
to have full driving privileges ;)

Yeah! We are almost done!

Finished Bat Houses
Gabe was really grateful for everyone that showed up to help.  He has extremely restricted driving privileges until this project is complete.  I am as anxious as anyone for him to just wrap the whole thing up.  But I guess it wouldn't be a true Eagle Project if I didn't fret a little, right?  I am grateful for the Scouting Program.  Gabe has leaned a lot of really great life lessons through it.  Not the least being the idea that procrastination is lame. ;)  Now if the weather will cooperate, we will install these babies and let the bats move in.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

We had a lovely, lazy Christmas day.  I didn't take enough pictures! Darn it!  But here are a few that I have:

Pillow Pets.  These are the sibling gifts
they asked for. Why? Idk

Sibling gift. Every brother bought Elise
press on nails-all were the wrong kind! :P
Jackson uses the force in his new
robe and slippers

Jebb with his penguin dream light and new mouthwash

Seth made us this awesome cutting board in shop

My Dad made us this sweet birdhouse!

I scored this year! Quilt from my
talented and amazing Mother!
I didn't get any pictures of Gma Kristine, but she was here all day. John got her a bunch of colorful socks so she could easily pair them up.  I think we wore her out last night and today ;).  John helped her FaceTime with Kip's family and she thought that was pretty cool.  The kids helped me work on a new puzzle which I loved, before inviting a few of their friends over.

Overall, it was such a nice day.  I think we are in the Golden Years for parenting.  I want the years to slow down or stop altogether.  John has been away for the past several weeks and it has just made me more aware of how much I love our whole family just being together.  Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

 We had a quiet Christmas Eve this year.  School just got out a few days ago, and I have barely settled into the Holiday feel.  We had a big Seminary dinner last night, so I really enjoyed our family being together.  Gabe's friend Kylie came over and helped us with our Nativity Play.  We all opened our Christmas pajamas and snapped a few pictures.

I didn't have PJ's this year, but put on the cool apron my mom made just for me.  I am so grateful for my good family.  I cannot believe another year is coming to a close.  Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Seminary Christmas Dinner

This year we almost didn't have our Seminary Christmas Dinner, as finding a date that could work for everyone proved impossible.  So we did the next best thing and picked a date that worked for most of us, and tonight was the night. 

With Christmas so close, I kept it simple.  I asked the students to bring soup and I provided yummy Jean Pierre bread bowls (which were oddly tiny for some reason).  I also asked our class officers to come up with a few activities for us to do.  We played a guessing game in groups to get us warmed up. Then we ate and visited before I made everyone do a craft. ;)

I passed out gifts to everyone that they would use in making their creations.  Everyone got (in addition to the traditional fuzzy socks) a copy of the most recent Conference Ensign.  I went to Farmington last week to bind them and had one for each student.  I really wanted then to delve into those Ensigns a bit, so I used different talks to correlate with the different elements of the gingerbread houses we were going to make. 

We had a sure foundation (a sturdy paper plate) where we wrote the name of Christ to remind us that it is upon Him that we need to build.  We wrapped it with foil then added the walls (which I had preassembles with hot glue).  Then came the roof (also pre-glued).  The kids then built and decorated their own unique creations (which is just like each of us...a unique creation).  I think it went off pretty well.  I think kids always have a good time when they are creative.   And of course it never hurts to read in your Conference Ensign.

Another one of the students made us a traditional Christmas rice pudding with a prize going to the person that finds the almond.  It was a great end to a nice Seminary Dinner night. ;)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Snow Day

What do you do when it had been snowingand you have shoveled, sled, and snowmanned it all day?  Take a break, play a board game, and drink some Cherry 7up.  This is living.

Friday, December 14, 2012


Jackson and Jebb shovel out in front of the garage.  We sure need the snow!

Saturday, December 8, 2012


This afternoon we had the pleasure of attending a concert.  It was a concert of exclusively duets, either piano or guitar.  It was made up of students from all around the area and Jackson and Jebb got to play their song 'Lavender's Blue.'  They did such a good job and have improved so much since their last duet together.  Their teacher is really good and pushes the boys to do well.

Performing in the Concert Hall

Jebb bows...

...then Jackson
I enjoy SOOO much hearing them play! Their bow wasn't as coordinated as their piano playing, but I thought it was adorable. ;) I can't wait to see what they will play next time.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's a Sign

 My husband is so handy to have around. This is one of his latest projects that he has had done in his free time...

 Plus this...
Is going to equal an awesome sign.  I will add pics when it is complete.

Update: Dec 18th.  Here it is so far.  There will be cool stone put up around the cinderblock pillars.  Sadly, I think it will have to wait until spring.

I don't know if you can tell in this up close shot, but it is 3D.  Pretty artsy... ;)

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Up-side

While there are challenges to having John travel, there is an up side.  I get to sleep with Jebb and all of his little friends.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Elise Gets Her Braces Off!

Elise got her braces off today and she was sure excited to get to the orthodontist's office today! We met John for lunch and ate cheesy pizza-no problem when you don't have braces.  Isn't she beautiful?! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Jebb Loses a Front Tooth

After a great deal of wiggling, Jebb has lost his first front tooth on top.  He was trying to pry it loose while everyone was still here for Thanksgiving, but he managed to get it out today! This guy is determined to grow up-even if I don't approve! :)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 The Post Game

The weekend was winding down, but we had a few outings left in us.  We went to watch a scrimage Gabe had over in Ignacio.  He is #10 and while I was glad I got a pic of him making a fade-away basket, I was REALLY glad I got a pic of everyone in the stands watching. That blonde stat chic with the glasses is not related to us just fyi.
We went up into the mountains midday and cut down a Christmas tree!  There was much hiking and hunting. The Hannays got several as they are experienced at this type of thing.  We just got one, and it looked like it was just the right size.

We bid farewell to the Utah kids today.  It was so nice having them, I especially liked having Weston here.  My parents finished up their mission not too long ago, so it was nice to have them around too.

Having a family Thanksgiving is a great was to kick off the Holiday Season!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 After the Feast

What is the best thing to eat the day after a Thanksgiving feast?  That's right, Mexican food!  We hit Tequila's after a lazy day of cousin bonding.  But our night was just beginning, and we headed home to get creative.

The Ross sisters were hard at work to get ready for the Great GBread Making Event of 2012.  We made frosting, glued houses, and set out the candy.

We got everything ready and let the building begin.  Everyone worked intently and came up with some pretty good stuff.

There were some really creative builds going on.  I have no idea what Papa Ross was doing in the next picture except trying to look crazy. ;)


Weston build a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired building.  Elise and Nate made a tower with a licorice Rapunzel braid hanging out of it.

It was fun to see how unique they all were.  Some focuses on asthetics and some went for pure function (maximum candy to be eaten later).

This might be the start of a fun tradition! :)