Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ward Christmas Party 2011

Tonight was the ward Christmas party. With John gone to Dallas, I was on my own. This year, although I did not volunteer, I somehow ended up in charge of costumes for the Nativity play. OK, I act as if I don't know why I was put in charge of costumes, but the fact is that everyone knows I have this big box of fabric that has been around for years. Anytime the Primary kids 'go to Jerusalem' or learn about Book of Mormon stories for sharing time, my box of fabric has costumed us for the adventure. Seriously, if you have attended Primary in Durango, you have dressed up in my fabric at some point, So of course I got the call and the assignment when it was time to dress up to see Baby Jesus.

The timing for the party was not the best as it happened to fall on the same night that Gabe was playing against Bayfield in basketball. It is a game I would really have liked to attend because we know lots of the peeps from there. But with my fabric responsibilities, I missed it. He called me part way through dinner to tell me the game was over. I dashed to the high school and picked him up. I got back just in time to miss dinner and get the kiddos ready for the play.

It was a lovely evening. I always like good live theater. Things like this are always more fun though when John is here go with me. :)

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