Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Seminarypalooza 2011

Tonight I hosted what I called Seminarypalooza 2011. I named it that in a deliberate effort to make it sound much cooler than the game/dinner that I had planned. ;) I was so happy that every kid that was in town attended! I have 18 kids total, but 2 were gone. We also has a few adults representing each ward and the stake.

As the kids were arriving I had them take a piece of green construction paper and from it, create their best Christmas tree. There were stickers they could apply to decorate it, but they weren't allowed to use anything but their hands. And, they had to hold it behind their backs and couldn't peek until they were done. Most of the kids chose the 'tear' method although we did get a few 'origami' trees.

Our next games were relays and competitions. We split up into our 'tribes' and did the marshmallow toss which as you might guess consists of tossing marshmallows into other people's mouths-relay style. Fun, and I suppose the marshmallow fight the boys had with the excess marshmallows was to be expected.

We then played 'Rudolph.' This is where each team races to fill a pair of pantyhose with balloons. Once they have 8 balloons, they place it on a person's head, apply a red sticker to their nose, and shout "Rudolph!" Of course we made the men in attendance wear the antlers. I felt a little bad picking on them, but got over it almost immediately. ;) They were terrific sports!

Then on to the 'Kissing Game' which isn't as scandalous as it sounds for a Seminary party. Another relay competition where you run to get a hershey kiss that you have to unwrap and eat while wearing poofy gloves. Then run back, give gloves to teammate, repeat.

We finished up by playing Pictionary with Christmas Carols. I thought it would be much harder than it was, but apparently you don't need a lot to go on to guess the Carols. This helped us sit and wind down a little before we had DINNER!

A woman in our ward actually catered the whole meal for us, so I didn't have to do a thing. We had a yummy salad, chicken dinner, and dessert. The kids all chatted and smiled and ate. I am thinking I might have to have every meal I eat catered from now on....heehee.

After dinner I gave a short lesson about doing the things that matter FIRST so you don't run out of time. THEN..... I went ahead with an idea I had been vacillating about all week. I made the kids act out my Nativity Play. It was a bit of a joke from earlier in the year. We had done the story of Joseph in Egypt straight from the Bible as a Reader's Theater in class. I imagined it would take less than a day, but it ended up taking 2 whole class periods. I always joke how LOOOOONG it was and how I no longer enjoy reader's theater. So I'm sure some of the kids weren't too jazzed on doing a Nativity Reader's Theater. ;) But the kids were all absolute CHAMPS! They did fantastic and it was really quite fun! And yes, they dressed up using my fabric!!

The play didn't last too long and I made everyone hop in for a group shot before I game them their Christmas Presents.

I channeled my inner Oprah and gave the kids little bags with some of my 'favorite things.' A couple of my students earned make-up credit by burning CD's for me to give out. It included classics like 'The Books of the Old Testament' and various 'Scripture Rock' song. There were also some assorted treats, but the best part was the pair of Fuzzy Socks I gave to everyone. My students know I love Fuzzy Socks...I might even wear them as footwear on chilly Seminary mornings now and then. ;)I don't know about everyone else, but I enjoyed our Seminarypalooza 2011! I think I might just have the coolest group of Early Morning Seminary kids on the planet! I hope they all have a Merry Christmas!

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Kim Hannay said...

I crown you seminarypalooza queen of the world!!! That sounds like a great night.