Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Scout Pins

Tonight I attended a Scouting Court of Honor for Gabe and Seth. Both boys have been involved in the Scouting Program for years, first as Cub Scouts, and then as Boy Scouts since age 11. I will let you do the math on how many years that is.

This was a really great CofH because this is the first time either of my boys had been recognized with a rank advancement. In Scouting, if you attend activities, go on campouts, and pass of different tasks, you can advance over time in your 'rank'. The ranks are: Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, and Life. After all of those are complete, you can then work on becoming an Eagle Scout (AKA the big kahoona of scouting ranks).

Up to this point in time, my boys, who had both participated often, had yet to advance for a reason that is still somewhat of a mystery to me. When an advancement is made, both the boys and their mothers are recognized. The mothers (that's me) receive a little pin which symbolizes all of the begging, pleading, and nagging that must go on for a scout to finally pass stuff off. Heehee Just kidding. My boys have actually received very little nagging from me to make their advancements. I like to think I was a pleasant source of cheerful encouragement to attend those scouting activities. Anyhoo.

Tonight Gabe got 5 rank advancements. And yes, that is almost all of 'em. This normally would have been accomplished over his 4+ years, but as I said, tonight was the first time he has gotten a rank advancement. I used to let it trouble me somewhat, but I have decided to just embrace it and admire all of those little pins. Seth too did some advancing of his own. He got 2 cute little pins in his 3 years it has taken to get them.
So YEAH! HOORAY! and WHOOPTY DO! Although it has been both painfully and mystifyingly late in coming, I am glad the boys made some advancements finally tonight!!!

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