Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kristine is in the Hospital

Monday night we went to the movies for FHE with 5 or 6 other families in our town. About 1/2 way through, John got a call from Kristine. He left to check on her. Luckily we had two cars, because he never came back to the theater but took her to the hospital instead. She complained pain in her right shoulder and couldn't keep any food down. When they checked her in, they said she had the symptoms of a gall bladder attack. After running some tests late into the night, they determined her gall bladder needed to come out. John got home around 4am, slept a few hours, then went back to the hospital to meet with the doctors there.

They removed her gall bladder using an orthoscopic method on Tuesday afternoon. John spent the whole day at the hospital and missed most of Seminarypalooza so he could be there to answer questions as Kristine seemed very confused and disoriented. She continued to have pain when she ate, so the doctors decided to do another procedure today to clear her bile ducts. They didn't find anything blocking them, but hope that she will feel some relief after they were swept. Her heart raced in the night, but she seems to be all right now.

Gabe and I decided to go and see her today just before the procedure. A friend of ours that works near the hospital was supposed to come over to help John give Kristine a blessing. He had been delayed at work and hadn't gotten there yet. We experienced a tender mercy with Kristine getting a blessing. Between the doctor's schedule, our friend's schedule, us visiting, and where they took Kristine to wait for her procedure, the timing couldn't have been better or more perfect. And had any element been missing, she wouldn't have gotten the blessing she wanted.

This was her second time being sedated in 2 days and it has been hard on her physically and mentally. We haven't taken the kids in to see her but we will tomorrow after she has had a chance to rest and recover. They love her so much and there have been many sincere and earnest prayers said on her behalf.

I just need to say how much I respect and love my good husband. He is amazing with his mom and I don't know what she would do without him there. Hank has been a great help too. He has gone and sat with Kristine late at night and when John has to leave. Families are an amazing gift that God has given us, and I wonder what we would do without our extended ward families when things like blessings are needed. I am glad my boys have such amazing male role models in their lives.

Hopefully, all will go well and she will be home before Christmas. We were planning on taking her to Salt Lake with us next week, but we will all just enjoy more time together here in town. She will be staying at our house which our kids are thrilled about! Come to think of it, I guess she had really better rest up in the hospital while she can! :)

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