Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jackson and the Little Red Hen

Now that Jackson is 8, he has joined the ranks of the Cub Scouts. Fantastic Program, love love love it. So far Jackson has not accomplished anything in it. Yes, he has attended a few pack activities, but he hasn't even yet earned the simplest of rank advancements, that of Bobcat. It is not because he lacks enthusiasm, but mostly it is because I do. Let me just restate for the record that I think Scouting is a great program. I just have been a slacker with the whole scouting thing.

Today was actually a pack meeting and it got me thinking. Jackson was asked last week at his pack activity to take home some grocery bags. He was supposed to distribute them to our neighbors asking them to donate food for the local food bank. We had them sitting on our table for a couple of days before anything happened to them. Jackson got home from school and I mentioned the bags. He decided he needed to get them delivered and gathered them up and got on his bike. I suggested he wait until Seth got home so he could drive him in the mule. But Jackson was not in any mood to wait. He was ready to get the job done and he rode off down the road. He returned a short while later and I asked him if he had delivered his bags. "Yes," was about all I got out of him. The Blakes told me later in the day that he had come to the door and explained the food drive to them. Brad noted that Jacks had written the pick up date on the bag as well (which I didn't know) and said he and Janelle got a kick out of his spelling of 'Sadurday.'

Sadurday morning came and Jackson was up, dressed in his scout shirt, and ready to collect the bags. While I helped the other kids get ready, John drove him down and Jackson was 3 for 3 on full bags. John let him go to the door and collect the bags. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for both the dropping off and picking up conversations that he had with our neighbors, you always hope your kid at least says thank you! :) We headed out for the pack meeting and I made John stop at the store so we could pick up a few items to contribute to the pot luck breakfast they were having in conjunction with the usual information and awards. There was a 'get to know you' activity that I didn't really participate in which gave me a few minutes to reflect.

I haven't really helped out in scouting. I know that lots of the stuff you do gets done at home, but I am talking about parent participation in the meetings and group activites. I am barely getting Jackson there, let alone jumping in to volunteer to bring wood, horses, or dodge balls. But the activities still happen thanks to dedicated leaders and participating parents. I am usually of the Little Red Hen school of thought. If you can, you need to be participating and helping with things you value. That is why I sing in the ward choir-not because I have a pleasant voice, but because I think music during worship is a good thing. So I was feeling some pangs of guilt. I have not participated in Scouting, and yet here is Jackson jumping in and collecting his food. Granted, he still doesn't have a single patch for me to put on his shirt, but He had what I felt like was a really great experience. And I just kind of showed up.

To top it off, there was a blood drive going on and I did NOT donate! There were a few openings and I said no! I didn't feel like pitching in and helping out. I know that sometimes you just have to do what you can do. But I still feel guilt for not doing more in some things like blood and scouting.

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