Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Doing Some Things and Missing Others

This morning I am blogging from the local Republican office in our town. I volunteered (under some peer pressure) to take the morning shift today from 9-1. While the office is located on the main road next to a hopping coffee shop, if you are familiar with the politics of my town, you might be able to guess that our office stays pretty quiet.

I did have some binders and my ipad to carry in, so I did have something to do when I arrived. But once I brought in my stuff, organized it, then moved it to a better spot (which took about 14 seconds) I didn't have much else to do. The phone actually rang when I was outside getting my binders at about 9:03, but there was no message. I am guessing it was our office coordinator seeing if I was here and had figured out the lock.

When you volunteer in the office, you have the option of calling Repubs in the county to let them know about the upcoming caucuses in February. Um, ya, I'm most likely not going to do that. Have I ever explained how I feel about calling people on the phone? That is definitely a NIOP topic. NOIP=Needs It's Own Post for me to explain. Moving on. There is a lending library full of conservative manifestos, constitutional essays, and Founding Father biographies. But I don't see anything that catches my fancy that I don't already own. ;) I did bring my seminary lesson for tomorrow so I could study and be prepared with a spiritual, inspiring, thorough lesson on Deuteronomy. Frankly, I'm just not in the mood.

So I have nothing to do (laundry and dishes are hard to process remotely). Or more accurately, I am choosing not to do anything....except write in my blog.

I miss blogging.

It is a great little exercise for my brain. I find that as I go about my life I think "I gotta blog about that." And in the last few months, I haven't. It seem like I just have other things that need doing. I want to change my priorities a little bit and bump blogging back up to it's rightful 7th or 8th position.

Last night was our ward Relief Society dinner. It was at the home of a lovely woman and our RS Presidency is a bunch of cool cats that I really enjoy-not to mention the woman of our ward in notch.

But, I missed it.

I decided that I wanted to sit with John, Seth, and Elise and watch Gabe play his first home basketball game. They had their first game ever last week while participating in a tournament down in New Mexico. This team just happened to be the very team they played. And at the tournament they got spanked! So Gabe was pretty nervous for tonight's game. **Let me interrupt this paragraph to brag for a moment. Gabe was named to the All Tournament team last week-whatever that means** OK, back to the game. Gabe was really hoping to start for his first official JV home game, but didn't think he would because the coaches brought down a couple of varsity players to beef said JV team previously spanked. Gladly, he did get to be a starter, but was not in his usual position and seemed a little out of sorts for several minutes. Gladly-er, he and his team settled in for a hard won victory! Yippee! It is just too fun watching your kids compete while in the company of your other kids. I would say that it is 'delightful' even.

Although I missed fellowshipping with my RS girls, I managed to actually visit with several ward members. Our neighbors were there watching the game too. One of my seminary students is on the dance team and she sat with us for a while (love her!) A bunch of my other students were there too and were kind enough to give me a wave or a nod. :) I loved our basketball evening, and I would have loved the RS dinner too, but sometimes you just have to make a choice. There are always things you can be doing but it can't all be done at once. And I am learning more and more that it's OK. As long as you do something then you just have to be content that you can't do everything.

We learned in Seminary today that ETBenson says that if you put God first in your life, everything else will fall into place or drop out altogether. I am going to try and view my choices through that lense more often because right now it seems like I have a lot of stuff that vies for my time. So this morning, with the time I have, I post. :)

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Lucy said...

You and your festive self were missed last night, but a first home starting JV game is not to be missed! Congrats to Gabe. you are going to have so much fun watching your talented kids.

P.S. Write the post about your phone phobia. i’m pretty sure I have one too:)