Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Angels Among Us

This afternoon I attended a luncheon for the Southwest Republican Women here in Durango. Each month we meet, eat, and listen to a speaker. Today's speaker happened to be a beautiful woman named Valerie who ran the Pregnancy Center in town. She talked about what her organization did to help women in the community struggling through an unplanned pregnancy. I found both her and her cause to be uplifting and inspiring.

In most cases, women that come to see them are trying to make a plan. Often they are considering abortion and are seeking other options. Adoption is a rare occurrence, and the PC is mostly trying to educate and uplift soon-to-be mothers. One thing she said that really struck me about our cultural norms was the fact that women will tell her that they would rather abort a baby than give it away. As if giving away a baby was some unspeakable thing for a mother to do, but abortion was just a 'choice' you made with your own body. You only have to ponder that statement for a few moments to realize how effective abortion advocates have been in teaching the women of our culture.

One audience member asked her if their organization did anything to advocate contraception. She said that they did not. She explained it this way. So often girls come to them that have no feeling of worth. They have been taught in school (not to mention on tv, through music, movies, etc.) that they are sexually empowered and can have sex if they want to. In fact, they are treated as though they are expected to have sex. She said that so many girls don't feel like they can even tell a boy 'no' that wants to have sex. Sex is no longer special or valued and these poor girls feel like that is just what girls their age do. Her organization provides councilling and tries to remind these shattered girls that they do matter and they can make positive changes for their futures. So abstinence is what they advocate. Girls can say no.

Valerie also said that there is an explosion in STD's in our area. She said that has become a huge concern to her. She said that the easy availability of contraception offered in schools has done little to stem the tide of new infections. We also learned that fathers being involved is an extreme rarity. What a tragedy! It is such a shame that the feminist movement has had so many untended consequences. They have said that women don't need men to stick around. They encourage women to not hold back sexually. Girls now are reaping the terrible consequences of such misguided and naive advice. Human beings are not animals and we aren't just a product of our hormones or physical appetites. For us to pretend that we are has had devastating psychological and spiritual consequences for a whole generation of girls and their unplanned children.

While it was a very weighty and sometimes discouraging topic, I was so uplifted to see what a positive outlook Valerie had about her work at the PC. She felt like she had the opportunity every day to make someone's life better than it was. It was comforting and encouraging to realize that there are people all around us that are trying to do the right thing and trying to uplift their fellow man. After her talk I went and told her that I felt like she was an angel on earth. I truly believe that. I was humbled and inspired hearing her speak. So often the loudest voices in our communities or culture are the ones that would lead us astray. If you doubt that, just count the number of times that message is sung on the top 40 station. There are numerous references just on the short drive to school! That is the reality of our sex saturated culture. And we know that culture is a powerful influence on your beliefs and actions.

It made me realize how important it is then for me to be repeating the RIGHT message to my family OVER and OVER! We need to be studying the scriptures and the words of our prophets EVERY day! I am not always good at that, but I would like to do better. God has shown us a better way and we need to be sure that our families our getting that message to counter the one they see and hear every day at school. I am so grateful to have the knowledge we do. We were created in God's image and he wants great things for our lives. We can't be distracted or deceived by the messages in the world.

OK, I will climb down off my soapbox and just say one more time how grateful I am to know that there are good people diligently seeking to walk in the path they believe God would have them on. It makes me happy! :)

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