Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I am Grateful

I am grateful. I really am. I did not post this Thanksgiving though, because my laptop decided it was done. I thought of tapping something out on my iPad, but just couldn't quite conjure up the will.

So Thanksgiving came and went without me documenting in my personal journal that I have a LOT to be thankful for. But darn it, I DO! i have so, so much to count as blessings. I have family, friends, church, community, and country to be thankful for. Sometimes it leaves me almost speechless when I look back and consider where I now am. I have everything that matters in life and I acknowledge that it has all come from a loving, interested Heavenly Father. For that assurance I am most grateful.

Our Turkey Day ended up being a fun, almost intimate family time for us. We thought my parents were coming for the holiday, but it is hard for them to leave SLC where my grandma is in a nursing home. We had the whole week off of school and I was a little bummed we hadn't taken that cruise I was dreaming of... :) but we managed to have some great family time anyhow.

Some dear friends of ours had given us a gift certificate to one of our favorite local attractions-the Hot Springs. John took all of the kids over to Wolf Creek to ski for the day on Wednesday, while I stayed home to make pies and rolls. It was a fantastic day for everyone. The kids had a blast, John loved every second, and I was productive which makes me happy. We met Wed evening to soak and share stories of the day.

Thursday morning I took Gabe and Seth home early so they could attend the annual Turkey Bowl with the men in the ward. John took the 3 littles for another soak before heading home. Once we were all home again, the bigger kids helped me get ready for dinner while J&J helped John rotate the tires on the mini 4wheeler. It sounds pretty mundane, but it was such a perfect day! I burned the snail rolls (a genetic tick) and we all ate too much. I had baked into the rolls different things that the kids said they were thankful for. It seemed like a good idea at the time, each roll like a grateful fortune cookie/roll. Instead, we all ceded up eating bits of paper that we couldn't quite fish out of the bread. Delightful. But pretty funny too! :)
We watched a James Bond marathon that was on TV while digesting in preparation for dessert. Everyone was content and not fighting (quite an achievement I hate to admit). John and I ate some apple pie together (heated with ice cream) and we just laughed and smiled together as we recounted the day. He showed me the pics of J&J he had taken in the shop and I told him how the big boys set the table without complaining. It was almost magical! ;)

We savored the moment and talked about how blessed we are. Not that everything is perfect, but we can certainly see God's hand in our lives. He has made things work out in ways we never could have guessed when we started our lives together. These times with our family are life's greatest pleasures. I don't want to forget that when I get distracted by the world and it's busy-ness.

So I am grateful. Really, really grateful.

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