Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ezra's Time

This weekend we got to go to Utah. We got to attend the baptism of my nephew, Ezra. He is the oldest of 5 children in his family, so is of course the first to be baptized. As we took our seats and waited for the service to begin, I reflected on my own little family and thought how it doesn't seem like that long ago when we were baptizing our oldest child, Gabe. He happened to be sitting not that far from me, and as I looked over to see what he and our youngest child were fighting about (apparently there was a dispute over who called what seat) I had this weird moment where I just kind of held my breathe and willed it all to slow down. Although Gabe and Jebb are 9 years apart, it felt like it was only nine months or nine days since Gabe was Jebb-sized.

One day I was talking to a woman that I admire very much. I was telling her how some days seemed to just go on forever (and not in a good way). She wisely said that she understood that sometimes the days went slow, but the years went fast.

I get it. I see it. I feel it.

I don't like it.

After the baptism (which was lovely), John and I sat together watching my brother, his wife, and their 5 young children. We looked at one another and kind of chuckled. This time I thought how, while that was once us, it seemed as though it was a lifetime ago, or maybe nine lifetimes. Although I know that not long ago we were changing diapers, feeding toddlers, answering endless questions, while cleaning up the latest mess, I just couldn't really relate to it anymore. The memory of it disappears as fast as apple juice spilled on a church carpet.

So I have decided that time is a funny thing. Too often I am willing it to speed up, or slow down. I need to remember once again to simply enjoy the time I have right now.

A few other happenings/pictures over the weekend:

Jackson requested I take this next picture. He thought that their matching suits and ties were photo worthy. I agree.

And of course I can't attend a family function without bossing everyone into a group shot.


We stayed with my parents this weekend and after we all got ready, the three women of the house (my mom, me, and Elise) came together in the living room to get in the car. I was super weirded out. I know we are all related and stuff, but our whole clothing choice was a little spooky.

My mom and I had on almost freakishly similar sweaters. They both were ruffled and had this funky shiny yarn in them. Our skirts were a very similar cut too. Of course our colors were very different, but as I looked over at Elise I realized that her blouse and skirt were the identical colors to my mom's outfit. So I had the same fabric and cut, and Elise had the same color combo as my mother! There's a good chance that I am the only one that thinks it was a fabulously bizarre coincidence, but I of course took a picture of it anyway. Sometimes you can't fight your genetics I suppose.


We had a couple of business meetings this weekend as we work on a new idea. I will have to elaborate more if things become concrete. It felt nice to do something tangible to move the concept forward.


This might be one of the poorest birthday-candle-blowing-out shots ever, but I am posting it anyway. It was Ty's 20th birthday today! We love that guy!

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