Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Elise is 12!

Our beautiful Elise is 12! No longer a little girl, she is now considered a Young Woman. She has been working really hard to complete her Faith in God for Girls and managed to go right down to the wire. Reading the Book of Mormon and memorizing all of the Articles of Faith were 2 that she saved right until the end. Luckily, she finished and besides the satisfaction that comes from completing such a big task, she also qualified for a solo trip with Dad on the motorcycle next Spring. I am really proud that she finished everything. :)

Of course I made her let me take her picture on the back porch.

Jebb really wanted his picture taken too. Elise was a good sport about it.

But I chased him off so I could take a few more.

Only to have his jump through this picture! Crazy Jebb!

Elise's birthday was a really busy day for her. She played with the orchestra at an 'Empty Bowl' dinner at her school. All of the ceramics students make bowls to sell (Here is Elise's). The students then serve a soup dinner where you can donate whatever you want in order to eat. All of the proceeds go to our local soup kitchen. Pretty cool way to spend a birthday evening, by serving our community. Way to go Elise!

We got home pretty late and quickly put candles on the cake for Elise to blow out. G&G Ross called on the phone while we sang Happy Birthday. Papa Ross made her a treasure chest which she felt very privileged and special to have. I have to say though, that here favorite gift was the one that Seth got for her. Those two (when they are not fighting) have a really close relationship. He bought her some headphones with his own money (they are a lot more expensive than I thought they were) and he was SO excited for her to open them.

Elise is a really special member of our family, and not only because she is the only girl. She is always willing to help our her brothers or me. She is a very smart girl that tries to do what is right. I am so glad she is in our family! Happy Birthday to a wonderful Young Woman!


Mom's Thoughts said...

Love the picture of Elise! The backdrop is perfect! And of course, I love Elise! An awesome young woman!

Mimi said...

I totally agree with your grandma Elise:)!