Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ross Reunion 2011

Making Memories!

That was the theme this year for the Ross Reunion 2011. It was held here in Durango and to go with the whole Making Memories theme, we incorporated M&M's into most everything we did. Somewhat obnoxious, but I loved it! :) When each family arrived on Wednesday night, they received a variety of things that was 'their' family's color. Everyone got shirts, cups, a bag, and a jar of M&M's. I decorated the basement walls with past 'memories' from reunions gone by. I really enjoyed sorting through all of the old picture and printing out ones to put on the wall. I also printed out the group picture from each year. We had 8 group shots! It was fun to see how we have all grown through the years.
Sidenote: An average bag of M&M's is heavy on Blues and light on Browns. Elise and I sorted many large bags to create the single colored jars.

Arrivals to the reunion were somewhat staggered with the Hannays opting to come a day early (so we could go to the lake before the Reunion was in full swing), and the Martins arriving a day late (Bo was in All-Stars for baseball). So it was all of the Rosses that arrived on Wednesday night-George and Eva (aka Grandpa and Grandma), Skip and Laurene's family, and Brad and Keryn's family.

I have decided to break it down by day....or this would be a ridiculously long post!

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