Sunday, July 10, 2011

Making Memories-Day 3 & 4

Ross Reunion-July 11-Making Mountain Memories

This morning was the great and dreadful picture taking. Always a tradition at the Ross Reunion, our group shot is something we plan and dress for. I had given each family shirts in their color, hearkening back to our very 1st official Ross Reunion where Kim had given each family a color. I know the M&M thing is a little cheesy, but everyone wore the shirts in good spirits and I think the pictures turned out pretty dang cute!
Of course we had to do a mixed bag shot, then one of each family. Notice some families are making the face on their shirt.

Once that chore was complete, we were off to Durango Mountain Resort for some Alpine Sliding and general mountain enjoyment. The monsoon season has come early this year and a few of us got rained out while waiting to slide. Luckily, the rain cleared and everyone got a chance to slide. Those who wanted to were also able to ride in the Pintzgaur up into the mountains.

Everyone was pretty mellow after 3 days of Memory Making, so we had a BBQ at home for dinner. I was super bummed because John and I had to leave and go to a Republican Fundraising Dinner that had been planned months before. They did the final M&M drawing and everyone won something over the course of the reunion.

Sunday was the final day before everyone packed it in and headed home. I was THRILLED to have my whole family with me at church. We seriously messed up the whole order of things by taking up almost the entire right side of the chapel. By 'order of things' I mean that we displaced many people out of 'their' row. ;) It was like a domino effect and our ward was all shaken up! heehee

I am so grateful for my family. I know that we are all different and sometimes we don't all get along perfectly, but that is the way of all families. You decide that keeping your family ties is more important than your own irritation or hurt feelings. We had another good year of Memories Made and I am looking forward to next year (Seattle, maybe?)!!!

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