Friday, July 8, 2011

Making Memories-Day 2

Ross Reunion-Friday, July 8-Making Soggy Memories

Today had originally been slated as our day to float the river on tubes, but the water level has been too, we shifted gears and today was our lake day. We loaded up and headed out to Navajo Lake. Fortunately part of our group went out early and set us up a sweet spot on the beach as a home base. We had our boat as well as Kip's boat (thank you Kip!) to take out wakeboarders, surfers, and tubers.

Although the photographic evidence is minimal, the Hannays were actually at the lake! :) They were on the other boat with some other big kids so we saw only glimmers of them. Kim has some pictures I hope to add (hint).

The weather held nicely for us most of the day. We headed home and showered up before having our M&M drawing for the night. We had many happy winners and good sports.

After the drawing we moved into our talent portion of the night. Our music room is quite small, so we improvised on seating. Tonight anyone could share one song with us. We heard from singers, piano players, and stringed instruments including cello, ukulele, and guitar. It was delightful!

I think we all enjoyed hearing musical talents from one another. Everyone went to bed to sleep of their sunburns! It was another memorable day at the Ross Reunion.

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