Thursday, July 7, 2011

Making Memories-Day 1

Ross Reunion-Thurday, July 7th-Mesa Verde Memories

The Reunion got going when on Thursday morning we all drove to Mesa Verde National Park. It is a park with many Anasazi ruins that you can walk through. We signed up for 2 tours. Balcony House was our first stop.

There is a huge ladder you must climb right at the beginning of the tour and several of our members really had to conquer their fears to make it up! We were glad when we all got safely to the top!

There were also numerous cracks and small openings to navigate through. Luckily, we all managed to squeeze through.

We enjoyed learning about the ruins and enjoyed finding shady spots to visit.

Of course I tried to get a group shot, Brad's family was not in it, as Brad was trying to keep up with Ezra! ;)

One last tight spot, then another steep climb before we made it out!

Then it was off for a picnic lunch before heading to our tour at the Cliff Palace. It was a very impressive structure, but the trail arriving there was much more tame.

I must have been pretty warm and tired by then because I took far more pictures of our first tour! :) There was a cool climb up a crevasse on the way out.

We all headed for home! We were glad to see that the Martins had just arrived at our house (minus Theo who is at school in Texas). I was especially glad because that meant I had a helper for making Navajo Tacos! It just seemed like the right meal after going to Mesa Verde!

Tonight we did our first M&M drawing. I had asked everyone to look for good things that people did to help others. They could then write that person's name down to be placed in a drawing. We want to make fun and positive memories each reunion and I thought this might be a good way to encourage that. You couldn't write down your own name and you could only write down 2 per day. We gave out several prizes each night, and this first night a member from each family managed to be drawn. Papa Ross did the drawing and reading. Everyone liked hearing their name called! :)

Weston (Deb) was missing from our reunion this year. He decided not to come this year, but we got him some M&M pajamas so he would know we were thinking of him. Lauren and Devin had yet to arrive, but even with some people missing, it was a full house. Everyone got to bed so more Memories could be made on the morrow!

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