Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jackson Gets Baptized! 8 is Great!

Jackson Grey Gilleland is 8 today! In our faith this is a special birthday because this is when we get baptized. We were fortunate enough to have Kip's famiy, G&G Ross, Kim and Nate, and the Martins visiting here for his special day. John, Jebb, Aunt Kim, and I took him up to DMR on Saturday. He had been wanting to 'pan for gold' up there. He and Jebb rode with us on the Alpine slide and climbed the rock wall. It was a fun day with him as there were just a few of us.
Sunday morning he let me take a few pictures of him in his new suit with his new scriptures. He is a tough one to get a serious picture out of and refused to show his teeth, but we managed to get a few.

We came home after church and had lunch before heading back to church for the baptism. More pictures...poor Jackson! :)

His baptism was really nice. John got to baptize and confirm him. G&G Ross gave the talks and Grandma Kristine and Uncle Kip gave prayers. We even had a musical number from Elise and Drake (which I LOVED). I was happy to see all of our family and our ward family that came to support him. I took a picture of the family that was there, but did not get a picture of teachers, leaders, and friends that came to be there too. We are lucky to have some family live close by, you have to look close to see G-ma Kristine and Aunt Jan way in the back of the pic.

Jackson said he felt very happy and very good about being baptized.

Jackson is a unique young man. I was so pleased that he had a good day. He was very content all weekend. I think that was a real blessing. I am proud of what a good boy Jackson is. He knows about the Gospel and says his prayers every night, and usually reads his scriptures too. He is a good example to me. I love Jackson and I love that he marches to his own drum. I was a very happy and proud mom today!

After his baptism we went home and did the traditional birthday stuff like cake, presents, pinatas, and spanking machines. He was very excited to get his first pocket knife, as is our tradition on 8th birthdays. He also really like the CTR plaque that Papa Ross made for him.

Overall it couldn't have been a better day! I am so grateful I get to be Jackson's mom. He is a very special young man!! I love you Jackson!

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