Friday, July 22, 2011

16 Years and Still Goin' Strong

Today is my anniversary. John and I were married 16 years ago, and I now know that it takes 16 years for the magic to completely DIE. Dead. Gone.

I wouldn't have know this was the case had you asked me about it even 1 day ago. I thought we pretty much had it going on after all these years. Apparently I was wrong.

This afternoon, after a fabulous day of fun with our good friends the Kofords, we came home and I thought I would upload a short video to facebook for Gabe (it was G and John jumping off Baker's Bridge). I sat down to my computer and pulled up FB. As is FB's way, it let me know that today was the birthday of one of my favorite people, Cathie (Worthington) Hughes. I paused for a moment as I was moving my fingers to post a message on her wall.

Today is Worthy's birthday? I thought to myself.

I kind of paused in a stupor as several thoughts collided in my brain that were not adding up.

If today was Worth's birthday, that meant it was July 22, AKA the day I got married.

Which meant...


how could it be?....

Today was my anniversary!??!!!!

I looked at a calendar to confirm my now terrifyingly growing realization that, yes, it was indeed, my ANNIVERSARY!

And I had completely. totally. absolutely. forgotten!

Because we were all home from a busy play day, members of the family were strewn randomly around the house. I walked out of the office into the music room where several kiddos had congregated.

"Where is your dad? Today is our anniversary."

They gave me shoulder shrugs and blank stares.

I went to my room.

There I found John, sitting on our little couch reading something. I jumped onto his lap, threw my arms around his neck and asked him if he knew what day this was. He looked a little bewildered, until I said, "Happy Anniversary Honey! Please tell me that you didn't get me anything special."

A look of recognition flashed across his eyes and I knew he had forgotten as well. It was then his turn to have the whole stupor of thought as too many thoughts collided in his brain. He was at a loss for words.

I started laughing and so did he. By this time the news had spread to the whole household and we were all getting a pretty good chuckle out of it all. John admitted that he had signed a bunch of documents this morning and had dated each one without it even registering.

With the reunion, Jackson's baptism, and lots of fun company and activities, our anniversary had been completely forgotten.

While I was originally thinking this was all rather sad and pathetic, maybe it is just a sign that our relationship is soooo good, that we don't even need to mark silly things like anniversaries. Every day is a celebration of our glorious union.

Or whatever.

Still, I cannot believe we forgot! Rod and Jill (champs that they are) agreed that we all needed to go out to dinner to commemorate this outrageous lapse in memory. We went to our favorite, Mahogany Grill, where I had the best steak of my life-or at least of the 16th year of my marriage!

It was a perfect end to what had actually been a super perfect day! We even had managed to have Jill get some pictures of us before we actually remembered it was a day worth taking a shot of! :)

We have been married now for 16 years and I can truly say that it keeps getting better! We are still goin' strong!

Happy Anniversary Babe!

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Lucy said...

Great pictures.

I definitely think you should go with reason #2 - the love is so strong, EVERY day is like an anniversary so the day itself isn't that big of deal:) Love the story.