Friday, July 22, 2011

16 Years and Still Goin' Strong

Today is my anniversary. John and I were married 16 years ago, and I now know that it takes 16 years for the magic to completely DIE. Dead. Gone.

I wouldn't have know this was the case had you asked me about it even 1 day ago. I thought we pretty much had it going on after all these years. Apparently I was wrong.

This afternoon, after a fabulous day of fun with our good friends the Kofords, we came home and I thought I would upload a short video to facebook for Gabe (it was G and John jumping off Baker's Bridge). I sat down to my computer and pulled up FB. As is FB's way, it let me know that today was the birthday of one of my favorite people, Cathie (Worthington) Hughes. I paused for a moment as I was moving my fingers to post a message on her wall.

Today is Worthy's birthday? I thought to myself.

I kind of paused in a stupor as several thoughts collided in my brain that were not adding up.

If today was Worth's birthday, that meant it was July 22, AKA the day I got married.

Which meant...


how could it be?....

Today was my anniversary!??!!!!

I looked at a calendar to confirm my now terrifyingly growing realization that, yes, it was indeed, my ANNIVERSARY!

And I had completely. totally. absolutely. forgotten!

Because we were all home from a busy play day, members of the family were strewn randomly around the house. I walked out of the office into the music room where several kiddos had congregated.

"Where is your dad? Today is our anniversary."

They gave me shoulder shrugs and blank stares.

I went to my room.

There I found John, sitting on our little couch reading something. I jumped onto his lap, threw my arms around his neck and asked him if he knew what day this was. He looked a little bewildered, until I said, "Happy Anniversary Honey! Please tell me that you didn't get me anything special."

A look of recognition flashed across his eyes and I knew he had forgotten as well. It was then his turn to have the whole stupor of thought as too many thoughts collided in his brain. He was at a loss for words.

I started laughing and so did he. By this time the news had spread to the whole household and we were all getting a pretty good chuckle out of it all. John admitted that he had signed a bunch of documents this morning and had dated each one without it even registering.

With the reunion, Jackson's baptism, and lots of fun company and activities, our anniversary had been completely forgotten.

While I was originally thinking this was all rather sad and pathetic, maybe it is just a sign that our relationship is soooo good, that we don't even need to mark silly things like anniversaries. Every day is a celebration of our glorious union.

Or whatever.

Still, I cannot believe we forgot! Rod and Jill (champs that they are) agreed that we all needed to go out to dinner to commemorate this outrageous lapse in memory. We went to our favorite, Mahogany Grill, where I had the best steak of my life-or at least of the 16th year of my marriage!

It was a perfect end to what had actually been a super perfect day! We even had managed to have Jill get some pictures of us before we actually remembered it was a day worth taking a shot of! :)

We have been married now for 16 years and I can truly say that it keeps getting better! We are still goin' strong!

Happy Anniversary Babe!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Party at Kenna's

Kenna had a bunch of us over for Elle's party! It was cool to see Jackie and Jan and lots of the cousins. Megan is in town so it's a great time to celebrate. I stole these photos from Megan's blog...thank you! :) My kids loved the weird feats of bodily skill that Jackie showed us like stepping over the broom and rolling while holding our feet! :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jackson Gets Baptized! 8 is Great!

Jackson Grey Gilleland is 8 today! In our faith this is a special birthday because this is when we get baptized. We were fortunate enough to have Kip's famiy, G&G Ross, Kim and Nate, and the Martins visiting here for his special day. John, Jebb, Aunt Kim, and I took him up to DMR on Saturday. He had been wanting to 'pan for gold' up there. He and Jebb rode with us on the Alpine slide and climbed the rock wall. It was a fun day with him as there were just a few of us.
Sunday morning he let me take a few pictures of him in his new suit with his new scriptures. He is a tough one to get a serious picture out of and refused to show his teeth, but we managed to get a few.

We came home after church and had lunch before heading back to church for the baptism. More pictures...poor Jackson! :)

His baptism was really nice. John got to baptize and confirm him. G&G Ross gave the talks and Grandma Kristine and Uncle Kip gave prayers. We even had a musical number from Elise and Drake (which I LOVED). I was happy to see all of our family and our ward family that came to support him. I took a picture of the family that was there, but did not get a picture of teachers, leaders, and friends that came to be there too. We are lucky to have some family live close by, you have to look close to see G-ma Kristine and Aunt Jan way in the back of the pic.

Jackson said he felt very happy and very good about being baptized.

Jackson is a unique young man. I was so pleased that he had a good day. He was very content all weekend. I think that was a real blessing. I am proud of what a good boy Jackson is. He knows about the Gospel and says his prayers every night, and usually reads his scriptures too. He is a good example to me. I love Jackson and I love that he marches to his own drum. I was a very happy and proud mom today!

After his baptism we went home and did the traditional birthday stuff like cake, presents, pinatas, and spanking machines. He was very excited to get his first pocket knife, as is our tradition on 8th birthdays. He also really like the CTR plaque that Papa Ross made for him.

Overall it couldn't have been a better day! I am so grateful I get to be Jackson's mom. He is a very special young man!! I love you Jackson!

Friday, July 15, 2011

My Nephews Rock!

In preparation for Nicole's upcoming move to Texas, we needed to deliver a trailer to her home in Page, Az. Luckily, I have 2 awesome nephews that were up for the task. They hooked up to the trailer yesterday evening and cruised across the desert to my desert home town.

This morning they got up and headed for home, but before they returned, they decided to swim in the lake and stop at RD's. And just in case there is any doubt about just how fantastic these boys are, look at what they brought us on their return to our home:

That's right! Ty and Hank bought a cooler, filled it with dry ice, and transported Oreo Shakes from RD's back to us!!! I love those boys!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Making Memories-Day 3 & 4

Ross Reunion-July 11-Making Mountain Memories

This morning was the great and dreadful picture taking. Always a tradition at the Ross Reunion, our group shot is something we plan and dress for. I had given each family shirts in their color, hearkening back to our very 1st official Ross Reunion where Kim had given each family a color. I know the M&M thing is a little cheesy, but everyone wore the shirts in good spirits and I think the pictures turned out pretty dang cute!
Of course we had to do a mixed bag shot, then one of each family. Notice some families are making the face on their shirt.

Once that chore was complete, we were off to Durango Mountain Resort for some Alpine Sliding and general mountain enjoyment. The monsoon season has come early this year and a few of us got rained out while waiting to slide. Luckily, the rain cleared and everyone got a chance to slide. Those who wanted to were also able to ride in the Pintzgaur up into the mountains.

Everyone was pretty mellow after 3 days of Memory Making, so we had a BBQ at home for dinner. I was super bummed because John and I had to leave and go to a Republican Fundraising Dinner that had been planned months before. They did the final M&M drawing and everyone won something over the course of the reunion.

Sunday was the final day before everyone packed it in and headed home. I was THRILLED to have my whole family with me at church. We seriously messed up the whole order of things by taking up almost the entire right side of the chapel. By 'order of things' I mean that we displaced many people out of 'their' row. ;) It was like a domino effect and our ward was all shaken up! heehee

I am so grateful for my family. I know that we are all different and sometimes we don't all get along perfectly, but that is the way of all families. You decide that keeping your family ties is more important than your own irritation or hurt feelings. We had another good year of Memories Made and I am looking forward to next year (Seattle, maybe?)!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Making Memories-Day 2

Ross Reunion-Friday, July 8-Making Soggy Memories

Today had originally been slated as our day to float the river on tubes, but the water level has been too, we shifted gears and today was our lake day. We loaded up and headed out to Navajo Lake. Fortunately part of our group went out early and set us up a sweet spot on the beach as a home base. We had our boat as well as Kip's boat (thank you Kip!) to take out wakeboarders, surfers, and tubers.

Although the photographic evidence is minimal, the Hannays were actually at the lake! :) They were on the other boat with some other big kids so we saw only glimmers of them. Kim has some pictures I hope to add (hint).

The weather held nicely for us most of the day. We headed home and showered up before having our M&M drawing for the night. We had many happy winners and good sports.

After the drawing we moved into our talent portion of the night. Our music room is quite small, so we improvised on seating. Tonight anyone could share one song with us. We heard from singers, piano players, and stringed instruments including cello, ukulele, and guitar. It was delightful!

I think we all enjoyed hearing musical talents from one another. Everyone went to bed to sleep of their sunburns! It was another memorable day at the Ross Reunion.