Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Calling in YW

In my church, I currently work with the demographic known as the Young Women in our congregation. The church website defines the program this way:
Young Women
The Young Women organization assists parents and priesthood leaders in preparing each young woman to be worthy to make and keep sacred covenants and receive the ordinances of the temple. The organization promotes the growth and development of each young woman through Sunday instruction, weekday activities (such as Mutual and camp), and the Personal Progress program.

I think of it as my chance to be with and hopefully lead, some terrific girls (ages 12-18) to become the Women they were created to be. I have served in many capacities in our church, but if I had to pick, working with the YW is my favorite calling.

So here are a few of the things we have been up to lately!

We had a Navajo Taco Dinner to raise money for Girl's Camp. It was a huge success. Not only did the girls work hard and raise all the money they needed, but I got to EAT a Navajo Taco!

That weekend, we went over to Monticello, Utah with some of the youth so that they could do baptisms. Just a few could go as summer is starting to get busy for everyone

With all that money we raised from Navajo Tacos, it was off to Girl's Camp the very next week! The girl's went up Tues-Fri, but I didn't go until Wednesday. It was FANTASTIC! The girl's camped by year and our ward was over the 4th years. What a fun group of girls!! I loved it! It think all of our YW had a good time and this is the first time I can remember when everyone has gone! YEAH!

We got to camp again at Decker Park which is a plot of land up by Vallecito Reservoir that is owned by the church. We hadn't camped there for 6 years because a forest fire made it unsafe. My husband helped a lot in the clean up (getting rid of dead or dangerous trees) and also did a bunch of work on some upgrades and improvements. He installed the sewer system and the water system. It used to be strictly primitive camping (porta poties, cooking on stoves or fires, tents) but there is now a kitchen by the pavillion and running water for showers and toilets! Skits, crafts, hikes, good friends, churchy stuff... It was a great camp with some really fabulous girls!

Last night we had a combined activity with the Young Men in the ward. We take turns between age groups planning what we will do. Tonight the Deacons (age 12-13) were in charge. Because on of the Deacons lives in my house (Seth) he thought it might be fun to have a swim party at the pond. Ah, the pond. How I love it on warm summer nights...but I digress.

The pond party was a lot of fun. Not only did we have the Youth there, but our Young Men have recently been assigned new leaders and they all brought their families. I think everyone had a good time. About 4 in the afternoon, I went out to the shop and found my husband welding on our old trampolline. He was attaching barrels to create a Hillbilly Water Trampoline. He didn't have time to reinforce it how he wanted, but it served us well as a fun island, bent though it was.

Next week we will be combined with the other ward from Durango and I am not involved in the planning, so who knows what we will do! All of our activities aren't always photo worthy, but we try to make sure that they are meaningful and worth going to. It is a chunk of time, so I feel blessed to serve with good women and GREAT YOUTH!!!

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George and Eva Ross said...

Lots of fun activities! YW was also my favorite!