Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jebb is 6

Six years ago today we welcomed our last member of the BigG Tribe into the world. Jebb Ross Gilleland is having a birthday today! Jebb is a ray of sunshine in our home and always seems to have a big smile and a kind word. We are so glad he is part of our family!

We were going in lots of different directions today, so Jebb will celebrate a little today, but we will have cake and presents on Friday. John and I took Jebb out to breakfast at Burger King (his choice) and I snapped a shot of us in the playland.

Then, this afternoon Grandma Kristine took Jebb, Jackson, and Elise to swim at the Rec Center. I sent the waterproof camera with Elise and it looks like Jebb had some good fun. Gabe and Seth would have joined them, but they are at a basketball camp at the college this week.

Tonight Jebb got to have a birthday dinner with our whole ward, as it was the YW Navajo Taco Dinner to raise money for Girl's Camp. He said he had a great night! :)

Sometimes our lives have lots of good things. I am grateful for Jebb because he is one of the BEST things we get to celebrate!

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