Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Wedding

This weekend, John and I got to go on a 2 day long date. We had a wedding to attend, and we were really excited to sneak away. The wedding was of our dear family friend, Jenny. She was getting married Friday morning up in Utah and I had been counting it down from the time I got the invite and stuck it on my little magnet board in my room.

As we drove to Utah, John and I reminisced about our own wedding almost 16 years ago. We laughed at how naive we both were, but what really go us laughing was how we both thought we knew it all! ;) Boy, we have learned a lot over the years. The long and familiar drive was really pleasant. We took the Dolores loop to miss Cortez, past the Monticello Temple, Wilson Arch was beautiful outside of Moab (I love those red rocks!). The not so pretty desert part of I-70 went fast then we were headed over Soldier's Summit when we ran into lots of snow on the road (!!) which stayed with us as we dropped down the canyon into Spanish Fork. We drove up the I-15 corridor then went west to Tooele and the Larry Miller Speedway, where we dropped off a truck we had towed up.

We decided to stay downtown so it would be easy to get to the wedding in the morning. We booked a tower room at the Little America hotel. I actually used to work there! I got my first waitressing job at the coffee shop there. I worked breakfast and lunch for a few months when I lived with Kim and Steve between Rick's College and my mission.

Driving with a big truck and trailer is always tricky, but we found a corner of the property to unhook the trailer and park the truck. It was perfect timing for dinner and we called Kim & Steve and my parents to see if they were feeling spontaneous enough to come and meet us at the coffee shop. They were game and although my dad claimed he had already eaten dinner, we all had a great meal. We hung out for a long time and had a great chat. When they finally called it a night and we headed up to our tower room, we looked out the windows to see the Salt Lake Temple.
This is the place we had gotten married ourselves. We talked about our early morning wedding (when you have such a short engagement, there are only early slots left on a Saturday in the summer months...), our delicious brunch across the street at the Joseph Smith building, and our super cool room up at Stein Erickson Lodge (they messed up our reservation and we wondered if we would have a room, but it turned out great as they gave us a free room and a complimentary giganto plate of cheese, crackers, and berries to apologize for messing up the reservation! Sweet!)

So ya, we were heavy on the nostalgia. I would say we were up to our necks in it, and I was enjoying splashing and backstroking in it!

In the morning, to our Springtime dismay, we awoke to a white downtown Salt Lake, as it had snowed a couple of inches in the night. But we were undaunted and arrived at the Salt Lake Temple right on time at 9:30a for the 10 o'clock sealing. We wondered aloud to each other how the Bride and Groom might be feeling right now. To attend a Sealing at the SLT, you go down a long hall where take off your street shoes, then proceed to a waiting room. We entered the waiting room in our socks and looked around for Jenny's family.

I was surprised when I didn't see any of them. We were right on time, so we went over to the little lady that announces the names as each wedding party takes their turn to enter the temple and await the happy couple's arrival in the Sealing Room. She looked at her sheet to see if they had already been called.


She then checked to see when they would be called.

She asked us again for the name.

Then again.

She couldn't find the name.


I looked at the sheet. Carefully.

Nothing. Nada. Nope. Not on it.

What in the world!?! Did we get the time wrong? No, we pulled out the little insert that invited us to the sealing. 10:00 sealing, be there at 9:30. Hmm. Did they call off the wedding and no one told us? No, we surely would have heard. The sweet little lady asked us, "Are you sure you're at the right temple?" John and I looked at each other. Gosh. We thought so!



Maybe we weren't at the right temple. I asked John if he remembered reading 'Salt Lake' on the invitation, because I couldn't remember those exact words....

We walked back down the hall to where our shoes were and John, from the basement of the Salt Lake Temple, pulled out his phone, crouched in a back corner, and called our house. (Sooo scandalous!)

"Elise, I need you to go look at Jenny's wedding invitation in my room and read it to me. Tell me what Temple she is getting married at."

Elise answered "The Oh-quee...Oh-quwah.... "

John finished it for her, "The Oquirrh Mountain Temple?"

"Uh, ya, I guess."

"OK, bye sweetheart."

THE OQUIRRH MOUNTAIN TEMPLE! The wedding was at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple!!! At 10:00!!

We looked at each other and laughed unbelievingly. Then we reverently ran out of the SLTemple as fast as we could before booking it to the truck. The Oquirrh Mountain Temple is in South Jordan...20+ minutes south, then 15+ more minutes west from there.

"Floor it, Babe! It is already 9:40!" We started driving. And I'm not gonna lie, John was speeding. A lot.

We made it to the interstate in a few minutes and as we got on the onramp, John reminded me that our trailer was still in the Little America parking lot. He slowed down to 70mph and asked me if we should go for it. It was really pretty impossible for us to make it in time. if we did get there and go in, would we be disruptive on this most special occasion?

We had to try.

So we drove. Pretty fast. Here is an interesting factoid about John's Ford F350: There is a governor on the motor that will not allow you to drive faster than 98 miles per hour. You learn something new every day!

We made it south down the interstate pretty quick, but we still had to make our way west to the Temple and we weren't exactly sure of the exact route. Eek. Well, luckily, or prayerfully, we drove straight there. I hopped out and John parked.

I walked into the OMT lobby at 10:08. I quietly apologized and explained that I was late for a wedding and was there any way to find out if i was too late. The sweet lady smiled and suggested I just go up and see! :) John hurried in the door and met me at the elevator.

Up to the 3rd floor. Elevators are patience testing when you are in a hurry. Pushing the 'close door' button doesn't really make it get going any faster.

AHHHH! You have to be reverent and unrushed in the temple, but we just wanted to RUN or JUMP or HURRY!!!

Up we went on the elevator. The doors open up to another sweet lady dressed in white holding a paper. I explained our situation and asked if we were too late.

"Why, no, the couple hasn't come into the sealing room yet."

A Tender Mercy!!

We quietly, reverently, and quickly entered into the Sealing Room where we saw all the familiar faces we had missed seeing at the Salt Lake Temple! We sat down, took a deep breath, made eye contact with each other as we both smiled, when, just then, in walked the beautiful bride and her handsome groom.
And we were there.

Loving every wonderful minute of it. Enjoying the strong, beautiful spirit there. Crying tears with the rest of the extended family. Watching a brand new family get it's start. It was wonderful!! And we were so glad we made it!

I don't think the weekend could have gone any better. The luncheon was delightful. Even the drive home Saturday night was enjoyable. Although there was a lot of driving and a minor fiasco, we had a great weekend witnessing a terrific (you though I was going to type 'wonderful' because it starts with a W, didn't you?) wedding.


meegz said...

I almost had a panic attack reading this -- don't do that to me! I can't stand it when stuff like that happens! SO Glad it was a happy ending.:)

Mimi said...

I think the manufacturer put that specific governor in John's pickup because John bought it:0!