Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Stringed Dream Come True

Tonight was a little dream come true...at least for me! :)

We attended our last orchestra concert of the year. They already bid farewell to the 8th graders last week, so this concert was one where the Elementary Schools were invited to play along with the Middle School. This meant I got to attend a concert where Gabe, Seth, and Elise all played TOGETHER!!!

I loved it!!!!

I am very sad that my camera battery died (oops!) but my friend did take a pic with her cell phone (Thank You!!) and here is a photographic remembrance of my most favorite concert EVER! I am also sad because I know this will not likely happen again. Gabe will be in HS next year and has NO desire to continue with the cello. Seth is being forced to stick it out until the end of next year when he will surely quit. Elise will be playing the violin for at least 3 more years (thru Middle School), and by then maybe Jackson or Jebb will get wrangled into playing a stringed instrument. ;)

So for tonight, I will just savor the joy I get from seeing 3 of my children make beautiful (albeit somewhat squeeky) music together!

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Mimi said...

You know my kids all played stringed instruments in grade school and Megan was the only one who continued on into high school. I think the big draw was we found out about a youth orchestra in a neighboring town that she could join. They went to Europe for a two week touring and performing...nice carrot at the end of the stick:)!