Tuesday, May 3, 2011

School Program for Jackson and Jebb

Tonight was a school program that Jackson and Jebb got to participate in. The note sent home asked us to dress our kids in 'the best clothes in the closet.' When I told Jackson he ought to wear his Sunday Best, he was very upset. He said he didn't want to be humiliated by wearing those clothes. i think that is so weird. After he saw his friend Sam in a suit (he rode to the program with us) he finally relented and put on his suit coat and tie. I thought he looked smashing! Jebb too!

We arrived at the school and the boys were ready to perform! You can see Jackson on the top row on the left, and Jebb is on the3rd row on the right. The program was about family and I LOVED it! I actually have seen this program before and Elise said she performed it back when she was a little tyke at Florida Mesa.

Jackson had a speaking part where he talked about his family tree. There he is holding a tree. :)

Jebb kept waving to us, of course I loved it!

As the kids were singing a song about how we should enjoy these kids because they grow up fast, I seriously cried a little bit. I felt totally sentimental! I just love this age and so enjoy these little innocent guys. I was savoring every second of every song and was really sad to see it end.

John, Elise, and Grandma Kristine were also at the program and we took some pictures when it was over. We all loved it!

Nice job Jackson and Jebb! I will try to enjoy this time because I know that it does fly by so fast.

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