Saturday, May 28, 2011

Our Ross Roofing Retreat

Lots of people like to go to exotic or far flung locations for Memorial Day Weekend. Of course, that is SOOO us, so we packed up and headed to beautiful Spanish Fork, Utah!! :)

We went to the home of my younger brother to help his replace the roof on his 1944 brick home. We turned it into an extended family work project. We knew it would be a big job, so we were excited to get to be with a fun crowd to get it done!

Thursday was our last day of school, so we were still mentally shifting gears as we drove out of Durango Friday morning. We arrived on Friday afternoon, hopped out of the car, stretched a little, then jumped into the project. My parents, Kim and Steve, and Brad were already hard at work.

Removing the roof was like traveling back in time, layer by layer. We removed two layers of asphalt shingles, then got down to the original cedar shakes that were under them. They were the original roof put on when the house was built. On one hand it was interesting to see the actual roof and how it was put on, but on the other hand, it had 60+ years of dust! And man on man, those wood shakes were in no mood to be removed that day. ;)

We got everything stripped down and ready for Saturday morning when we would be putting the new roof on. It was a good thing we got a head start because it took us all day to get the new roof on. We had to put on new sheeting, new fascia, new flashing, and of course the paper and shingles.

There was a recurring theme as we completed each phase of the roof construction....we were just a little bit short on each thing. We had the perfect amount of roofing supplies to finish everything but the gable. :) Sadly, there were no roofing supplies to be had on a holiday weekend. All things considered, and assuming it will be finished sometime soon, I think it looks FABULOUS!

It was a long, hard project and I am so glad that we did it! It is nice to hang out with your family, but it is even better to work with them. Everyone was sore, tired, and dirty. And it was a great way to spend an exotic, far flung Memorial Day weekend!


meegz said...

Now that you're all polished and ready to go -- our Layton home could use a new roof.:)
Great way to spend time together! Not many families would do that -- good job!

Mimi said...

I am so impressed with the way you all pitched in and got that done...what a way to go:)! And especially Gabe...what a guy!

Gabrielle Jeromy said...

Wow, that's a perfect example of a family working together to finish and perfect a difficult task like repairing a roof. All of you made your brother's renovated roof look new. You make a great roofing team! Kudos! :)

Gabrielle Jeromy

Conner Spear said...

Working together makes the job fun and easier! Its good to hear that it was an entirely family effort. How did you guys learn to install new roof? Honestly, it looks like it was done by professional roofers. Good job, everyone!

-Conner Spear

Eulalia Symonds said...

What a great way to celebrate the Memorial Day weekend indeed! It's fun to see all of you joining hands to finish a big project like this one. I bet you also learned a thing or two about roofing now, no? This is a great news, Shelley! Congratulations!
Eulalia @ Barnhouse Exteriors