Friday, May 6, 2011

Kindergarten Tea Party

Today I got to go to Jebb's classroom for a Mother's Day Tea Party. Jebb has been SOOOO excited for this. They have learned 'Mother' songs and made crafts in preparation. This morning he was chanting, 'Tea Party, tea party, you're coming to my tea party.' It made me happy to see him looking forward to it.

So after I left the Doctor's office (see previous post) I drove carefully out to Jebb's school. When you hold your head still I think it makes you look funny, or at least it makes you FEEL like you look funny. No, I am pretty sure you DO look funny. I walked into Jebb's classroom and he made a running-jump-hug for me. While trying to hold my head still, I caught him and hugged him before he escorted me to my chair.

The usual school tables were adorned with tablecloths and each chair had a tea cup and saucer. There was a plate of cookies and strawberries on each table, along with a big jug of iced tea.

To start the Tea Party off, the children all sang their Mother songs which were super cute. Jebb is actually a pretty good little singer! :)
Then the kids each brought us a small flower pot they had painted. They were filled with dirt and a seed packet. Adorable. Jebb then brought me a book he had made about me. He was grinning from ear to ear and hugged me repeatedly as he read it to me. This was such a cute little Tea Party. I was enjoying it with my upright and still self. ;)

Then it came time to sit and have our Tea and Cookies. The teacher walked to each table, lifted the jug of tea, and filled everyone's tea cup. She got to me and I said, 'No thanks, we don't drink tea.' I tried to state it all easy-breazy like I wasn't the only one in the room that didn't. I said, 'We would love some water!' with my best casual, yet pleasant voice coming from my smiling face.

Jebb looked at me and burst into tears!

I tried to play it cool and just smile and rub his back as I asked him what was the matter.

The other kids and moms at the table looked over at Jebb.

"But I really want TEA!"

I tried to whisper into Jebb's ear that we don't drink tea, but we could have some water.

"But Mom, it's a Tea Party!" he sobbed.

I glanced around at the other people in the room. They were now all staring at us.

"Jebb, what's the matter?" a couple of kids at the table were asking.

I tried to smile and say something lame like, "He's OK...." as I patted his back.

He put his head down and quietly cried for a minute while I squirmed in my chair. I couldn't really bend down to comfort him or whisper to him now (upright and still, remember?).

I almost wanted to grab the jug and just fill up his blasted tea cup.

"Hey Jebb, will you get me a strawberry and a cookie?" I asked him.

He sat up, looked into my eyes, and said, "Sure." He hopped up, got me a cookie from the middle of the table, and wiped his tears. Hallelujah! He sat down with me and by this time the teacher had grabbed my cup and filled it with water. I poured some of mine into Jebb's tea cup and held my own up so we could click them together and say "Cheers!" (Better to pretend it was champagne instead of tea, right? ;))

Luckily, the tears left as fast as they came, and I think only 2 or 3 moms think I am super weird now! I loved the party and being with Jebb. I am lucky to be a Mother to such good kids! Happy Mother's Day!

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Lucy said...

They did the exact same thing at the preschool a few weeks ago. A Tea part and they ONLY served tea. We had to go get ourselves water from the sink. I thought it was beyond weird that they served actual tea to preschoolers. Word of Wisdom or no- it's gross!

Jebb is adorable, however, and the rest of the party looks fantastic. Glad you got to go.