Sunday, May 29, 2011

Devin and Jebb-A Birthday Celebration

For the last two years, we have been in Utah during Jebb's Birthday which is June 8th. When we told him we were going this week, he naturally assumed that we would be having a birthday party for him. He gave me several suggestions like waterguns, zoo outings, and various outdoor games. He even went and got our special 'red plate' out so we could pack it and bring it along. He was fairly disappointed when I told him that his birthday wasn't until the week AFTER we were in Utah. When I told Kim about it, she suggested we have a party for Jebb in combination with Devin's birthday. (Devin is Lauren's husband.) He really liked that idea and was very excited to get to have a 'Celebration' with his buddy Devin.

As usual, the Hannays put on a great dinner and it was a lovely Birthday Celebration! We BBQed, had cake and ice cream, and finished the night with a game of Farkle (Lauren smoked us!).

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