Friday, May 20, 2011

The 8th Grade Campout AKA The Great Deluge of 2011

During some insane moment of weakness, I agreed to attend the 3-day 8th Grade camping trip. 

I am not sure what came over me to agree to go, but there I was, all campy.
Meeting in the lobby on the way out the door with the other parents
 I know exactly what it was that impressed all of the 8th grade teachers to want me to go.  I have the biggest trailer around. ;)  And it was stacked up with all of the camping stuff.  We went to the Ute Mtn. Tribal Park, past Cortez.  I have never been there before, but I was trying to have a good camp-mom attitude as we unloaded all of the gear.
Junk in the Trunk.  That's our huge trailer piled with camping gear.

Putting up the tents
We got our canopies up first because it was starting to sprinkle.  Then Gabe helped me set up my little one-girl tent.  It was really starting to rain.  But I had a shovel, so we dug little trenches around our tents (like I learned to do at Girl's Camp) and thought about lunch.

Man, it was really starting to come down.  So I changed into my rain boots and put on my big coat.  I noticed many of the kids were still in shirts, shorts, and tennis shoes.  And they looked wet and COLD.    The rain kept falling.  And falling.  And falling.

Soon we were all ankle deep in the mucky dirt.  It's that kind of clay dirt that is super slick and gooey when wet.  Around lunch time, the announcement came to pack it up! We were heading back HOME! It was certainly the right call as I looked around at the majority of kids that were ill prepared for either rain or cold temperatures.  At this point I wasn't taking pictures anymore as we were all slogging through the mud to pack it up.

The break down of camp was somewhat hurried and not as organized as our initial packing job.  Not only that, but EVERY item was now coated with a thick layer of that slime mud.  Not pleasant!  Everything was thrown into the trailer and I was worrying that I would have a hard time getting out on those slimy mud roads (they could have used a good layer of gravel on those roads!!! ;) ).  After everyone loaded up, I closed the trailer door, scraped the bulk of the mud off my boots with a stick, and climbed into the driver's seat of the truck.   I said a little prayer and FLOORED it out to the county road.  Several times I thought I would either slide off or get stuck, but I managed to make it out! Part of me really wished John could have been there to just drive it out, and part of me wished he could have been there to see me do it without him! ha

Parents were called and after driving the hour back to school, kids went home to dry off and warm up.  We unloaded everything into a big muddy pile to sort out the next day.   I took the trailer to the car wash and it took me a LOOOONG time to wash all of the mud off of the outside of the trailer.  I tried not to think about the 6 inches of mud on the inside floor.
Back at the School
The next day I went back to the school and sorted and cleaned the stuff as much as was possible.  We had 3 days of food to eat, so we set up the camp stoves and the kids all cooked up their stuff for lunch.  

I was so worried about camping for 3 days with a bunch of 8th graders, but it turned out all right.  I got to hang with Gabe, and I managed to stay fairly warm and mostly dry.  I learned that BOGS (my rain boots) are one of the best inventions EVER!  And I learned that I am more capable with a trailer than I thought. ;)  So I did survive the 8th Grade Campout-or as I am calling it-the Great Deluge of 2011.
My BOGS- I could write them an Ode!

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