Monday, April 11, 2011

New Couches

Wow. It would seem that I am really scraping the bottom of the blogging barrel the day I write about my new couches. But if you know me and my issues with furniture, this post will make you proud. ;)

For about 4-5 years I have been working on getting new couches. At one point I got very serious about the whole thing. My sister Kim spent days with me in Salt Lake going from store to store looking for the right ones. That was 3 years ago. I found a sectional I liked on our hunt, sort of. I wanted it a little darker and when they told me the price for a custom order, I changed my mind and decided to wait a little longer.

I would look now and then, thinking I just needed to buy something, anything. But I would never commit. The old brown leather couches we had were over 12 years old and they were starting to fall apart. The leather was faded funny colors and the arms were not well attached. After gluing the arm of the loveseat on night, John told me it was time to get serious and find us a couch, or he would. That was over a year ago.

On one of our trips to AZ, a friend of mine told me about this store called Cortate Furniture. Everything was special order, but the prices were fantastic! They make just a little bit on each piece, and they don't have any couches sitting around waiting for a buyer, and they were located in a ratty old warehouse. They make their money with volume and to find what you want, you walk in and look at catalogs and fabric swatches. I found the whole thing to be somewhat overwhelming, yet the cheapskate in me knew that I had found the furniture store I had been searching for all these years.

I really, really wanted to order some couches, but my non-committal self started small.

I ordered a chair.

It was a fabric chair. Not just any fabric chair though, it was a chair with some beef to it. It was a scale well suited to our great room. It had a lifetime warranty on the frame and down filled cushions. Having done a little shopping for furniture all these years, I was completely blown away at the price. It was about 1/3 the price I was expecting and a fraction of the made-to-order boutique type chairs I had seen. Here's the chair (notice it came with not 1, but 2 down pillows as well-what a deal!):

It fit in really well with our house, as it was the same color as the cow fur we accessorize in. Yes, cow fur. I know, I know, but I live in the Wild West, remember?

The chair sat in our great room with our tired old brown leather couches. The scale of the chair made the couches seem even worse and I continued to feel the pressure to replace them.

I had the opportunity to go to Arizona for a couple of days with Elise back in February, and I decided this was it. I had to make it happen. I shopped at the Potato Barn which is another furniture store in Gilbert that I highly recommend. A slightly different business model, they have load of couches you can see and sit on, but they too keep their prices low and focus on volume. There I found a couch that I thought I liked. I sat on it. I walked around it. I looked at the details. I sat on it again. Ya, I was liking it.

So I went over to Cortate and asked to look at the catalogs. I found the frame similar to the one I liked, then I was referred to the fabric swatches. Oh crud. Do you know how hard it is to pick out a couch from a little fabric swatch? OK, now times that by a factor of 2583 and that is how hard it is for ME to pick out a fabric.

I decided to go the chicken route and picked the same fabric I had picked for our chair. Strangely, the combination was really similar to that couch 3 years ago that Kim had helped me find. But there was one thing different...the price! It was FANTASTIC!!! I was able to order 2 couches with down cushions and 4 additional down filled cushions for each. Once I knew the price, picking fabric swatches for the pillows was much easier. I knew that if it turned out poorly, I could just sell them and get something different.

So here they are!
See how the color of the cushions matches the cow fur? Yahoo! I really like the curvy arms and the big metal things.

I also like how they are large scale-it works better for this room. I was a little worried at how dark the leather was when compared to our dark floors, but I like it. In fact, I like it a lot! Yipee! I finally committed and I am so glad!

Here's one more pic from the loft looking down.
I know my sisters are especially glad because they don't have to waste any more of their lives hearing me fret about buying couches (not to mention the time they spent searching around with me!)

So maybe a post about my furniture is bottom of the barrel, but I am considering it the start of a new era. I finally turned the page and bought some new couches. I am ready to begin a whole new chapter in my sitting-around-the-house life. Did I mention how comfy those cushions are? I should have done this years ago!

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