Saturday, April 9, 2011

Family Pictures in Page

While in Page for Rex's baptism, we decided it would be a good opportunity to take some family pictures. Right down the road from the Martin's house is the golf course overlooking beautiful cliffs and canyons. Gorgeous for family pictures. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side...
Crazy! It was cold, windy, and even snowy! We were not deterred! I took a practice pic of John, then set up the tripod.

I couldn't quite figure out the timer, and everyone was getting chilly fast.

Luckily, I got it set, and we got our first few pics.
We tried the spread out shot. Too Cold.

So we tried the hugging shot.
Because the wind was blowing, we tried rotating the camera a little bit. I still hadn't perfected the timer technique.
We tried a crouching parent, freezing children shot.

Did I mention how chilly that wind was?
So we took one more before I let the kids run to the nearby car.

Elise and Gabe took a few pics of John and I. That crazy wind.

That crazy husband!

We decided to call it good.

I asked the kids if they would be willing to have their individual shots taken. They were all game for it. They would jump out of the car one at a time and I took some awesome shots of them. Elise went first.

Then Seth.
Then it was Gabe's turn. John was cracking us up.

After Gabe we took some adorable pics of Jackson and Jebb. I was so pleased at how cooperative everyone was. When we finally packed it in and went back to Nicole's warm house. I downloaded my pictures and found a bunch that looked similar to this:

Apparently my memory card was fried. I was SO sad!! It is not everyday that I get the whole family to indulge me in a photo shoot. I gave it a few hours for the kids to warm up, then begged them to let me take a few pictures in Nicole's yard where the wind was fairly blocked.



Then a few more of Seth. He even struck a 'serious' pose

I wish I was a great photographer so I could capture these kids in a way that shows just how darn cute they all are! I also wish I could capture some of the beauty of the desert around Page. It is my all time favorite scenery. When I look at these pictures I feel blessed and grateful for the diverse earth and for my groovy family!!

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Keryn said...

Michelle, you have such an amazing eye for photographs! I love the pictures of the boys in Nicole's backyard. Gorgeous!