Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Elise's Orchestra Concert

Tonight I got to attend a lovely orchestra concert. Elise, our 5th grader, performed with a group made up from all the Elementary Schools in the district. They practice at their individual schools for weeks, then come together for one practice before performing for their families that night. They did really, really well! There are few things I enjoy more than watching one of my kids play in a concert!

Elise loved seeing her dear friend Afton. Since we switched to Sunnyside this year, she hasn't seen her near enough.

She also saw her friend Natalie from church. All three of these girls will be in Middle School together next year, and they are looking forward to being with one another.

Elise seemed overly concerned about her appearance while getting ready for this concert. "Mom, can you help me with my hair?" "Mom, should I wear this skirt?" "Mom, what color flower should I put into my hair?" I don't want to say that Elise is a mess, but I have to admit that in the past I have had times when it is difficult getting her to shower or brush her hair...
So I was kinda surprised at her new attention to her personal grooming. When we got to the concert, I noticed she was sitting next to a boy--hmmm-maybe that had something to do with it?? :)

Well, whatever the reason, she looked beautiful. And as usual, I loved watching her play!

I think there is a good chance she will stick with the violin at least through Middle School! Man, I hope so! :)

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