Thursday, April 21, 2011

Eat and Run

Today I had the pleasure of joining Jackson at school for lunch. Parents of the 2nd grade class were invited to attend, although why we were, I am still a little foggy on. Whatever the reason, I loved going to have lunch with him. He was very excited to see me and Jebb got to join us as well. Sunnyside is a great little school and I like going out there. Lunch was excellent as was the company!

I really liked how kids could volunteer to help clean up the cafeteria. There were 2 kids sweeping up the floors, another helping collect and clean silverware, and Jacks and Jebb got cloths to wipe down tables. I thought it was and outstanding idea to have kids involved that way.

This afternoon I got to enjoy seeing two more of my kiddos. Gabe and Seth were in another track meet. I got pics of Seth running a relay. Seth also ran the 800. When I asked him about his day I was incredibly proud of his attitude about his race. He said, "I did a fantastic job on the 800. I finished better this time than I did last time. I beat (the name of a kid) this time when he beat me last time. I also beat 3 kids that beat me last time from the other school." Now, Seth is not a fast runner of the 800. I was super glad that he didn't get bummed out that he wasn't the fastest, but was happy that he had improved since his last meet. It was a pleasant and refreshing response from him! :)

I enjoy seeing our kids being active and involved in good things!

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Katiebug :) said...

Thats awesome that he improved so much since the last meet! :)