Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Happy Easter to everyone!

We snapped some pics before and after church (before with just the kids-John has those early meetings), then after with the whole fam. We weren't super matchy this year, but I am counting John's tie as the piece of fabric that ties us all together! ;)

It was quite rainy today, but we had the Mann Clan over which brought the sunshine. We locked the kids in my bedroom to watch a cartoon while the adults hid over 200 plastic eggs in our house. :) I got a real kick out of seeing the kids hunt. I am just loving our kids and the ages they are right now. Today was one of those days when I just want to freeze time. We ate a ton and enjoyed being together. A perfect Easter afternoon.
I am grateful for the miracle of the Empty Tomb that gives meaning to all of our relationships.

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