Saturday, April 23, 2011

Campout-Hole in the Rock

John took Gabe and Jackson on a campout this weekend to an area near Blanding. There were lots of ancient cliff dwellings to see, as well as some important Mormon history. They saw the end of the Hole in the Rock trail, where some early Mormon settlers traversed this rugged canyonland. At the end of the trail when they finally made it out, the pioneers carved the words "We thank thee O God." You have to look kinda close to see it above the boys heads in this first pic. Pretty dang cool.

It was cool to see all the cliff dwellings they explored. I am not sure what those early writings on the wall were trying to say, but maybe they thanked God too for the beauty of their surroundings.

This was an Jackson's first campout. Typically, on a scout campout, no one under 11 or 12 goes, but because this was not an 'official' campout, John got to take Jackson along. He was THRILLED! I am so glad they got to go and it sounds like they had a really great time. With some of the stories (a suicidal burning pack rat, stuck trucks, sandy hikes, and scorpions) I think it is wisdom that these men camp without us women now and then.

I am very grateful that our boys got to learn some of the pioneer history of the area. It is amazing what early members of the church accomplished-knowing there had to be a way because they had been sent to do it. I love that!

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