Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Break 2011

These are the faces of a family that had a FANTASTIC Spring Break.

We didn't go too far from home this year, and although I wasn't sure how I'd like staying in the winter weather, it turned out to be a great week!

We went to the cabin of my childhood friend, Lori. It was delightful. They have a place in Silverthorne, Colorado which is next to some great skiing. We booked up there after school on Friday so we could cram in all the fun possible over our Spring Break Week. We met up with another great family, the Jensons, that also have a cabin there. They had some teen boys our kiddos could ski with too. Saturday morning we got up early and cruised to Beaver Creek Resort. Very pish-posh and a terrific hill. They have ladies in chef hats walking around giving out warm chocolate chip cookies. Of course my kids LOVED it (I admit I liked the cookie for breakfast too!)

It was one of those perfect weather kind of ski days for me. I loved hanging with Jackson, Jebb, and Elise. John hung with us too as he had knee surgery at Thanksgiving and he is still taking it easy. It was actually the first time me and the little guys have skied this year. I was a little nervous I would forget how, but it all came back to me! :)

The bigger boys went with the other kids. They had an outstanding day as well apparently. I love that! It is so nice to hang with really cool families. The kids in both of the other families were top notch, and darn good skiers too. Perfect start to the Vacay.

That evening, our cousins, the other Gillelands arrived at the cabin. Yes, they know my friend Lori too because I introduced them when Kip's family moved to Denver. I love stuff like that. I think all of the people I know should get to know one another. :)

Sunday we all attended the local ward and it was similar to ours-small. :) The people were really nice and we enjoyed it. For lunch we had a special treat-Navajo Tacos! Yummaroo! Lori apparently hasn't forgotten her Arizona roots cuz she made them and they were good!

In the afternoon we took a hike. It was again a beautiful day-perfect to hike the snowy trail.

The rest of the evening we all hung out and played games and made stuff with play-doh. I thought it was great for our kids to just hang out with a bunch of great kids. They would all just stand in a circle and talk or sit at the table and crack themselves up. I loved just hanging out and visiting with everyone as well. :)

The other Gillelands and the Allreds packed up and headed back that night to life in Denver. Their Spring Break isn't until next week. The Allreds are so cool (or crazy) that they let us stay at their cabin for a couple of more days! YEAH! The Mann Clan (from Durango) was going skiing at Copper Mountain on Monday, so it was great to be able to stay over. John, Gabe, Seth, and Elise all went skiing Monday morning while I took J&J outlet shopping with me for the day. John tells me there are some pictures and even video of their day taken by the other skiiers they met up with. I hope one day to see them. The skiing family members report having an epic day! I think it's a good thing I didn't go skiing again because I was ridiculously sore! So for FHE we all soaked in the hot tub while a few snow flurries fell on us.
Tuesday morning we packed up and headed toward home, but we didn't make it all the way. We stopped in Pagosa to stay at the hot springs. We ended up getting a smoking deal on an amazing room that we all fit into! You get to wear these cool robes to walk over to the springs. Everyone was so happy to be there they even agreed to let me take a timer picture! ;) We soaked until we couldn't stay awake anymore, then we awoke and soaked again.
We made it back home Wednesday afternoon and the weather was very Springy! I even cleaned out my front flower bed and admired the daffodils that are close to blooming! Between loads of laundry, I was able to finish up my 'Powder Room Home Improvement Project' (see post). John managed to avoid work except for a few hours here and there which was so nice!

What a great week! It had all of the elements that make me happy-food, fun, and friends! What more could you want? It is going to be a rude awakening Monday morning when we are all back to school and real life, but for now we are going to enjoy the sunshine and our fun memories!

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