Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Seek YM/YW

Tonight we had a really fun youth activity. This was our bi-monthly combined activity with 1st ward. All of the kids go to school together, so I like it when we can get together for activities. Lucy and Lori (our mighty YW presidents) came up with a great scavenger hunt. After a random selection process, everyone divided up into cars with adult drivers. Each team was given a list of 5 photos they needed to take. We had to take pictures 1)at a drive thru window 2)with an out of state tourist 3)at the library with a book by various authors, depending on your team...we had Suzanne Collins 4) on a piece of playground equipment 5)riding a bronze horse by the train station and 6)with all team members in a grocery cart-no feet on the ground. No particular order. Every team member had to be in at least 2 pictures. Once all pics were taken, we were to return to Lucy's home.

And the race was on! Our team was a really great bunch of kids (although I think any combination of kids would have been fun, as we have lots of cool youth)! John, being in the Bishopric, was in attendance tonight and he was our Designated Driver. I took on the job of Photographer. The kids were cracking me up. Nick encouraged us to turn at a different cross street with less stop signs, and reminded us all to keep our eyes on the prize. Too funny. We ran into other teams at the library and the train station, but I think we were quite a team as we smoked everyone! ;) heehee

When we all go back to Lucy's, she downloaded all of our photos. It was a lot of fun to see what the other teams did. After a short talk about seeking after good things, we enjoyed some refreshments and called it a night! I know everyone had fun! :)

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Lucy said...

I like it when we all get together too. I could just feel a different energy last night and maybe it wouldn't be there if we were always combined, but it was fun to see so many youth having fun together.

Thanks for driving and for being a rock star in general. I think it speaks volumes that I had to kick a couple of kids out of your vehicle and send them to some others that were less full. You are clearly the fun car:)