Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Scratch That

The last 2 weeks or so I have gone to my computer and gone to my blog in the hopes of seeing a new post. But alas, I have not done one so therefore it is unchanged! Funny how that works. I have a chunk to write, but just haven't gotten to it. Of course, I plan to predate a bunch of stuff to fill in the blank, but not tonight. I have a few good excuses. My computer is not charging. I took it in to the 'shop' and they cleaned the connecting points then called to tell me it was fixed. Er. Not so much. And I don't want to do all of my catch up posts on my iPad...

I have been really busy. I know everyone is busy and everyone has lots to do, but for me, I feel really busy. For the last 3 or 4 weeks I have had something to attend, or meet at, or cheer at, or speak at, or plan an activity for, or listen at, or something--almost every stinking night. I have forgotten what bedtime with the little guys is like. And while I mostly enjoy what I am doing, I am feeling the need for some moderation in my life. I am feeling out of balance.

OK, so I am just going to post something that happened to me today because I need to post something other than "I am busy!" or I will never get back to posting at all. I have been trying to do a home improvement project and worked on it for a couple of hours after I got the kids off to school. I tidied up the house for a bit, the decided I'd get in a quick workout before I took a shower. I made it quick because it was already lunch time. When I finished, I walked past my bed and yanked up a quilt on the foot of my bed so I could fold it up since I was walking by. The corner of the blanket flipped up and scratched my eyeball! OUCH! I covered my good eye to make sure I hadn't gone blind (I was fine) but it stinkin' hurt! My eye was watering profusely, so I laid down on my bed. I closed my sore eye (and the good one too), covered myself up with the scratchy blanket, and pretty much cried myself to sleep. I woke up 2 hours later when the phone rang!!!

AH!! I am too busy to nap! The kids were getting home soon and I was still unshowered, stinky (still in my workout stuff), hair askew, and my mascara cried off!! I don't really have a point to this story, but I was literally laughing outloud when I thought about how pathetic I was! :) I laughed even more when I talked to my little sister about it and she hardily agreed I was ridiculous! :) I jumped in the shower ready to start my 3:00! Kids came home, Elise was taken to dance, homework was done, big boys got home, more homework done, snacks consumed, vanity in powder room removed and sanded in garage (remember I'm home improving...), sawdust washed out of ears, clothes changed (again), YW activity @ food bank completed, big boys brought home, husband missed (he is out of town for the night), and post completed. I'm calling it a night.
Gabe took a pic of me sanding-I did not know I needed coveralls until it was too late!
Working with women I heart at the local food bank


Kim Hannay said...

Wow! You are busy. Take a nap!

Mom's Thoughts said...

A note from your loving and concerned dad:
Please wear a dust mask while sanding. It will save your lungs.

Love, Dad

meegz said...

umm that post is sounding way too familiar. I hate to say it but the only way I got out of that awful "routine" was to move. Good luck with that one!:) Now i don't have a calling, friends or much of anything -- BUT I do have three kids to tote around, do homework with and take care of and guess what? Who knew? THAT alone is plenty!!:)

Good luck to you -- do find some meditation -- soon!:)