Monday, March 14, 2011

The Powder Room

In my mind I think I should be a Do-It-Yourself-er. Mostly because I get tired of my old stuff, and I am a cheapskate. Unfortunately, I am more of a Start-It-But-Never-Finish-It kind of fixer-upper. So I am pretty excited because I actually redid a whole room in our house. Never mind that it is the smallest room in the house.

Our Powder Room used to have white walls, a pine colored vanity, and green and red towels. It now has A blue wall and 3 'oatmeal' colored walls, a walnut colored vanity, and blue and brown towels.

So here is my "Before" picture:Obviously changing the light bulbs was not a part of the whole 'improvement' thing.

I started by removing the vanity so it could be sanded in preparation for stain.
There was lots of sanding. And staining. Over many days. John helped me finish staining one night.

Then I got to painting the bathroom. I loved the new blue wall:
But the 'oatmeal' color was not as fun. I ran out of paint before I finished and had to go buy one more quart. Lame. As I was painting, my kids said "Mom, why are you painting white walls white again?" Of course they obviously aren't refined enough to know that 'white' and 'oatmeal' are worlds apart. Although now that it is done, I am wondering the same darn thing. I should have gone a shade darker. Oh well. Too late now. My sister encouraged me to repaint, but I of coursed scoffed at that idea. It was a huge effort for me to get that oatmeal on the walls and that is the shade it will stay. So here is a shot of the NEW white walls along with the blue:

Then we put the vanity back in and added new hand towels. So this is our New and Improved Powder Room. I know, I know, it is SOOO different! The 'oatmeal' changes everything!
I actually did enjoy doing this project, but I need to set aside bigger blocks of time in the future. My next project is to paint the Music Room with a dark oatmeal. (I busted John calling a painter we know...) After that I might do a little something, something in the office. I'm going to let the powder room mellow for a few weeks before I jump into anything else. :) Maybe I will grow into being a real Do-It-Yourself-er one of these projects!


Lucy said... I can't tell the walls are oatmeal in the picture, but I'm sure it's subtle and more noticeable in person. I'll come over! Love the blue wall and the dark stain on the vanity. way to go!

When we first owned a home in spokane, I was all over the diy home projects. Chair rails and paint and new flooring and trim, etc. etc. And I had LITTLE busy children. I don't know where my mojo went because I totally have more time and money now but no energy or desire. Again, I guess I need to come over and see if you can inspire me.

Way to go!

George and Eva Ross said...

Can't wait to see it in person! It looks great.

ShelleyG said...

I'm not gonna lie...I can't really tell the walls are oatmeal either! ;) maybe that's my problem Lucy, I repainted every wall in our old house! I guess you just outgrow some things..??...