Friday, March 18, 2011

A Pinch

Yesterday was St Patrick's Day. In the morning as the little guys got ready for school, I asked them if they were planning to wear green so they wouldn't get pinched. Jebb looked at me funny but didn't really answer. Jackson showed me the clover he had painted on his cheek in green and let me know that the grey he was wearing was just fine as long as he didn't wash his face. Fair enough.

Jebb came back a few minutes later with a Lego Batman shirt that also had a small Lego Robin with green plastic legs. He told me that he was wearing green so he should be OK. He then asked me if kids would be pinching or pinching with their fingernails. I hadn't really thought about it, but obviously he had and he was a little worried. Realizing that he was in kindergarten, I assured him that he should be fine with Robin, but that kids probably would just pinch for fun--fingernails were not likely. That seemed to be what he needed to hear and they were off to the bus.

So after school we were at the table doing homework and we were discussing the day. Jackson told me that St Patrick got rid of a bunch of snakes in a town with a magic stick and that is why we have this Holiday. I am not sure that is the correct story, but I don't know the accurate version either, so we went with his. I asked the boys if they had gotten pinched. That is when Jebb told me that there is NO pinching at his school. He said the Principal told everyone over the speaker that this was the case. Sunnyside is apparently Kind, Safe, and Responsible. Or Kind, Safe, and Respectful. Or maybe it was Quiet, Friendly, and Boring. I can't remember. While I am glad to hear that the school is trying to teach good behavior, I wonder if sometimes they go just a pinch over the top.

Happy St. Patrick's Day


Lucy said...

Personally, I was a little glad there was no pinching allowed because Sam wasn't wearing green and had he got pinched, who knows what kind of picture he would have drawn in his handy dandy notebook, setting off all kinds of alarms at the school:)

I talked to someone this morning who has never heard of pinching someone who isn't wearing green on St. Patty's Day. She grew up in New York. Are we weird out here?

meegz said...

We had our own troubles on St. Pats day morning. What 7 year old girl, that is only allowed to wear red, grey, white, & blue shirts has an all green shirt. (This is what they put in the note sent home the night before -- "Spirit Day, wear a green shirt with your khaki pants"
SO we found a pink shirt with some green writing on it, put a green bow in her hair and I tried very hard to assure her that she wouldn't get pinched. WELL -- apparently she did get pinched. I had forgotten to tell her the RULE: If you get pinched and you are wearing green you get to pinch them back, twice.:) How's THAT for safety?:)

Cajsa said...

like the play on words there at the end. It's kind of sad what kids cannot do in school anymore, but secretly I'm glad there was no pinching either...this mom forgot to remind the kids it was saint patty's day at all! No mother of the year award for me again!