Thursday, February 10, 2011

Skill Set

I was elected the new Secretary of the Republican party in our county. I think it sounds kinda cool, but I ran unopposed. ;) As did all of the newly elected Executive Board which has a Chairperson, First Vice, Second Vice, Secretary and Treasurer. I am not really sure what we are supposed to do which is why I was glad we had our first meeting today.

The other folks on the board are all retired and all have experience in the business world. The Chairperson actually asked me if I would run and be on the board, but it was because I am heavily involved with the local Tea Party groups and I think they wanted to have a tie to them (I think we make Republicans a little nervous). They all know I am a stay-at-home mom and I quickly realized that they were skeptical about my competence.

My first tip off was when the Chairperson brought me a spiral notebook she had purchased for me. She explained that it had sections and I could take notes of our board meetings in one section, and other stuff in other sections. I smiled and set aside the notebook I had brought so I could use the one she had given me. We talked about our duties and different events that we might have coming up.

As I sat in the meeting I began to feel very grateful for my church service and for the skill set I have obtained by working in different auxillary presidencies. I have learned how to run a meeting, follow an agenda, plan with a purpose, focus on what is relevant, and problem solve (not to mention how to get things done without a staff or tons of money).

I finished up the meeting before going to watch Gabe and Seth's basketball game (way to beat Pagosa guys!!!). I saw my dear church friend Lanae and of course I had to tell her about it. I related how in our meeting our chairperson was talking about a luncheon she had gone to where they had cute little favors at each plate and how impressive it was. I told Lanae that the woman had obviously never been to a Relief Society function before! :) It would blow that lame luncheon out of the water...especially if Lanae was in charge of it! :)

It just made me grateful for all of the things that I have learned over my life by having to teach, speak, plan, lead, and follow in our church (not to mention the churchy stuff)! It's fun to be a stay-at-home mom with that skill set!


Mimi said...

I have often experienced the same feelings...we are so extremely blessed to the organization of the church in our lives and often we just take it for granted.

Kelly said...

I totally agree! When I hear people talk about how woman in our church are oppressed or whatever, I just smile and think, if they only knew what opportunities we really have!