Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Bishopric

Today our ward got a new Bishop. Bishop Garey (our previous one) is moving to NM and we will miss him and his family. He handed out candy in his office at the end of each church day, so my kids are super bummed he is going. I will not miss the candy, but I will miss our good Bishop who wiped his tears with his tie and just happens to be John's 2nd cousin.

Our new Bishop is Brother Phillips and he has an enormous heart. He was put into the Bishopric 7 or 8 years ago (with Bishop Johnson) and it had been cool to see him grow into this leadership position. In our church we do not have any paid ministers, so all of the leaders and teachers are simply members of the congregation. Because no one is a professional church-runner, there is often a learning curve involved when new people get called to new jobs. The Bishop is the leader of our entire congregation and because we all knew Bishop Garey was moving, there was some fun speculation about who the new Bishop would be. It is always interesting that once the name is announced, it seems like it was the obvious and right choice. So was the case with Bishop Phillips. He is a tough customer and sports a full beard, but he is the type of guy that would do anything to help out someone else.

John was called to be his 1st councilor in the Bishopric and I am really happy for him. He loves Bishop Phillips. In the weeks prior to today, I think all the men in our ward had the chance to wonder what they might do if they were called to be the Bishop. I know that many wives, including myself, wondered what they would do if that call came to their husbands. I realized that I have a pretty lousy attitude about my husband serving. I thought about how busy our lives are and how much I want all of John's extra time. Of course, everyone feels like their own life is very busy and I don't know anyone that gets a big (time consuming) calling and thinks, 'This is going to fill up all of that free time I have been killing.' Taking time to do our callings, no matter what they are, is not always easy. But as I have learned over my life, it is always some of the best time you can spend. We are all blessed with so much and serving our fellow ward members is a good way to show the Lord our gratitude. I can say that with conviction because my husband and I haven't been asked yet to sacrifice that much. ;)

Bottom line is, I am grateful for opportunities to serve in the church. By having callings we are able to learn and to grow and to serve. I love the church organization and all the ways it blesses my family. I am so grateful for the willing members of my ward that give their time and energy to serve! I am excited for our new Bishop and our new Bishopric. It is cool to know that the Lord will bless them wherever they (as just men) might fall short. If you think about all of the diverse wards and people in the church it really is miraculous that we function so well with a bunch of amateurs! :) I love it!


Mom's Thoughts said...

Congratulations to John and to all of the new bishopric. I remember clearly the first time I was called to serve in a bishopric, Nicole was just a new-born babe. The first time I conducted a testimony meeting I started to bear my testimony before we had the sacrament. And that was just the first of many mistakes. John will be super!!!

Grampa Ross

Cajsa said...

Congratulations to your husband or should I say condolences? He will be great and you will be a good bishopric wife. It's a busy life with a lot of time 1st couns. not as bad, but the blessings will flow like crazy. When John was the bishop my kids were never sick, and now that he's the first couns, we have been blessed with a new baby and many other things. The Lord is so great in that way when both of you sacrifice your time. You will both be great! Love ya, Michelle

meegz said...

I am excited for your family. It is an amazing experience. I found myself longing for that the other day -- now that we don't have callings at all. Just remember, the grass is not always greener...I'd say right now you're in some pretty darn green pasture.:)
It's all in your attitude...promise;)

Amanda said...

Thanks for the sweet comments about my dad...Bishop Phillips (kinda wierd to say that!). It is true, we all have seen him grow since he was put in the bishopric. As anybody would about being put in that position, he had doubts about what the congregation would think. So it is good to hear that others support him. :)

Mimi said...

I'm so happy that both of you and your kids have received this blessing...and you will feel the blessings more than the sacrifices...somehow that's the way the Lord works:). And it'll be a really great spiritual learning and growing experience for John...what an opportunity!