Thursday, January 27, 2011

Seth is 13!

Another teenager in the house! Wow! Today is Seth's 13th birthday and he had a busy one. Seth is on the 'A' team for middle school basketball and today was the big rivalry game against the only other middle school in town. He has worked really hard this year and is very glad to have made A Team. They let all of the students out to watch it and Seth was very nervous/excited for the game. It turned out to be a very close game and because he is only a 7th grader, he didn't play a ton. But when he did, he hustled! Here he (#4) is passing the ball to big bro Gabe(#13).

Several girls at the school made posters to cheer on the players. After the game, two cute, giggling girls brought this over to Seth to keep.

After the game, we met up with Grandma and Hank for dinner. The Birthday Boy picked Denny's. :)

We had a really great dinner and then it was time to head home. The day flew by and we didn't open presents or have cake. Seth has decided to go on a ski trip with John for his birthday which makes it really easy for me, but fairly anti-climactic for all of us partiers.

I am so grateful for Seth. He is growing into a great young man. He has made a lot of good choices that have been sometimes hard regarding friends and social stuff. Seth is a very loyal person and is a true friend. He takes his church and priesthood responsibilities very serious. He always looks out for his younger brothers and I am proud of the young man he is becoming! Happy Birthday Seth!

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