Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Splitting Up

I have been a parent now for over 14 years. It started out with 1 kid, then another, and another, and another, and (yes, I'm almost done typing 'another') another.


5 kids. Just like that.

All different. All individuals.

And all wanting to do something fun!

Alas, I am only 1. And I can only be one place at a time.

For the majority of my parenting life, when I went places, I just took all of my kids along. We were quite a mob. In fact, this phenomenon of traveling in a pack is where my blog name originated. Well, actually, it was named after our email address which begins 'bigGtribe'. So ya, My Big G Life is about our Big G Tribe. But I digress. Back to my mob mentality parenting style.

When one of the kids needed to be somewhere, we all pretty much came along. By the time our youngest Jebb was born, Gabe, our oldest, was only 9. This was still too young for me to leave him to babysit without worrying about social services harassing me. So... we needed groceries, everyone loaded up and hung off the Walmart cart while I stocked up. If I had a kid in an activity like sports or swim lessons, or even a doctor's appointment, we all got to ride along and either participate, cheer, or endure. All of us. Together. You get the idea. And let's be honest, because of this fact, we didn't get out much.

So now, as seems to be the trend in my life lately, there is a shift. A change. I now have kids that can tend younger siblings while I run one of the BigG Tribe somewhere. I can even send a child to an activity without me being there at all. I still have 5 kids with different interests but I no longer have to keep them all within my view at all times.

And it's kinda weird. But good. By splitting up, everyone is obviously much more likely to be able to pursue their own interest.

And so they are.

This was another Saturday when our gang was going in many different directions. While I wasn't there with them, I did send cameras.

Gabe had the opportunity to attend a snowmobile clinic. Without me. In fact, he rode up to the clinic with people he had never met (it was our accountant and her husband). Gabe was a little unsure of that idea, but the lure of the snowy mountains pushed him out the door. He actually took 2 pictures of himself (maybe me telling him that this would be his last snowmobile trip EVER if he didn't get pictures pursueded him). Our accountant said that she got some pictures and would email them, but until then:

Elise was invited to go skiing with her friend from school again this Saturday. Last time she went, she only took pictures of their dog. I told her I needed some shots of humans, preferably of her. She came through for me. Although there are not slope side pics, there are these lovely shots of their drive up to the mountain. She did take another picture of the dog as well.

Jackson had a basketball game in the middle of the afternoon and Seth actually opted to go to that. Seth spent the morning working with Jackson on dribbling and shooting (which I thought was very cool), and he wanted to go cheer for J's newly enhanced skills. Jebb (how I love that kid) of course wants to go where I go on the weekends. :) We enjoyed cheering for Jackson and Seth agreed that he seemed to have improved a lot from last week.

With half of the day still left, John and I decided to head to Farmington and hit Sam's Club. Seth and the little guys stayed home and visited Grandma Kristine. Not very exciting information for a blog post, but I mention it to illustrate the point that the bigG Tribe was far flung from one another.

While I am really glad that all of our kids are getting to the age when they can spread their wings, I still haven't made the complete mental shift to embrace our new apart-ness. I kinda miss us traveling as a mob. Everyone reported that they had a terrific day. Gabe said that learning to snowmobile from a professional was 'the best day of his life.' John and I continued our coupledom and drove up together to pick Elise up from DMR. We had a hard time getting her to come home as she too was having a really fun time... without us. The other kids reported that their day was terrific as well... even with us gone.

So our lives continue to change and the BigGTribe continues to grow. And while I miss moving as a mass, I think it's a good thing.

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April said...

Right now, being in the middle of a moving mass (or out with my ducklings as I call them), I'm slightly envious! But I get what you mean, that will be a weird day when I don't have all the kids with me at all times.

I can imagine it now....freedom!:)