Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Principal's Pride Award

Today I received a phone call from the school. It was the Principal calling to tell me that Jebb was in her office for earning a Principal's Pride award. For good deeds or good behavior children can earn what are called Silver Bulldogs. They are small cards with the child's name and behavior. They are given out by teachers at the school and are fairly random. Once a student has collected 10 of the SB's, they can take them to the Principal's office and turn them in for a PP award. The student gets a call home and a lunch with the Principal.

Today Jebb finally earned his 10th SB and turned them in for his PP. Elise and Jackson have both earned this positive reward earlier in the year and Jebb was really excited to have finally earned his. He would have earned his earlier in the year as well, only I didn't know then how the program worked exactly. He would bring home the Silver Bulldog cards to show me. I would read his 'Listened in class' or 'Worked hard in PE' aloud to him, give him a hug and some praise, then promptly throw the card in the trash and send him on his way. He nor I realized that the school did not keep track of the number of cards earned. I just assumed that someone was keeping a tally...somewhere other than my trash can.

Elise set us straight several months into the year and Jebb started collecting the cards in a special pocket in his backpack. We have talked about him earning that 10th SB for over a week now, and I guess it finally happened. After all the waiting and trying extra hard to be good, he was SO excited to make that phone call from the Principal's office today. I told him when he got home we would take a picture! Way to go Jebb (and Jackson and Elise! :))


Lucy said...

Congrats to Jebb!

Kim Hannay said...

Look at that darling proud smile!