Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Power of Chocolate

Yesterday I received an email from a sweet friend of mine, Cherie. She had taken her dad the night before to Denver unexpectedly for some serious health problems he had. She had only the clothes on her back and needed to return home to Cortez. Cherie's was at the Durango hospital and she would be flying into the airport and wondered if I could pick her up and take her to her car. Of course I was glad to comply, but felt rather useless to do much else. I adore Cherie and her parents too. I was so sad to hear that her dad was still having health problems as I knew he had surgery months before.

Sometimes it is really hard to see people going through hard things. I am not a medical specialist, shoot, I am not even neighbor that could bring in meals or something! I wasn't sure what to do, but I had the whole evening to ponder it before I needed to go to the airport. Of course I prayed for their family, and that was good. But I still felt like I needed a more tangible offering for when my tired friend stepped off the plane.

I settled on chocolate. There is something magical about it's creamy brown goodness that is quite amazing. I know that by bringing chocolate, I wasn't really fixing anything. But there is something about a good chunk of chocolate that just seems to make bad stuff more bearable. And I guess I should just add that there is even research that says chocolate is good for you. Chocolate has been shown to lower your blood pressure and ward off depression by releasing endorphins and has even been shown to lower bad cholesterol! Not only that, but if you get the right chocolate, it tastes just OH SO GOOD!

So tonight I am counting my blessings. I am grateful for friends, for good health, and for chocolate! Until I get my medical license and am able to offer help that way, I will just have to help out by knowing where to buy Rocky Mountain Mints! And of course, I can keep praying for my friend's family. I know Heavenly Father loves us and watches over us and the cocoa bean is just further evidence of that! :)


Keryn said...

A little bit of chocolate--and knowing that someone cares--is sometimes all you need to get through the next hard spot. I'm glad you could help your friend.

Laurene Ross said...

I agree with Keryn and you. Chocolate just takes the edge off and gives your body something good to dwell on for a moment.....sometimes a moment is all you need.

Bradley Ross said...

If you are scared by a dementor, chocolate is also the proper remedy. Ezra and I are learning that right now.